When Hell Freezes Over (a Draco Malfoy love story)

When Hell Freezes Over (a Draco Malfoy love story)

Thanks to cutiekatierose65 for editing this story in real life! :D

Chapter 4

MY house?

I plodded along, following the rest of the Slytherins with my fiery red hair hiding my pale face.

"Keep up, Weasel!" Prefect Millicent Bulstrode snapped from the front of the group, causing Malfoy to laugh loudly.

I crossed my arms over my chest, speeding up just a smidge in case she called a professor or something. But I refused to let Millicent get to me.

What kind of parent names their daughter "Millicent"?

We walked deeper and deeper under the school, going through dark hallway after dark hallway after dark hallway.

I am going to get SO lost. And these jerks won’t help me find my way back.

Bulstrode finally stopped by a stretch of bare, slightly dampened wall. "The password is pure-blood." She boomed, eyeing all of the first years with a sneer on her face. "You forget it, you don't get into the common room."

That’ll be fun. Such nice people, these Slytherins. I thought sarcastically.

"Pure-blood." The other prefect, Damian Perriss, said clearly.

A door suddenly slid open, originally being concealed by the stone wall.

Some of the first years gasped, drawing laughter from Bulstrode and Perriss.

Malfoy smirked as I just watched with wide eyes, not even bothering to pay attention to him.

I love magic.

We all walked into the common room and I tried not to look too impressed.

It was a hard thing to do though, because even though I would much rather be in the Gryffindor common room, I had to admit that the Slytherin common room was amazing for being this far underground and still being able to look so pretentious and polished, just like the snooty students who now occupied the room.

The common room was long with rough stone walls enclosing it. Round green lamps that looked like skulls were hanging from the ceiling on polished silver chains. Somehow even the skulls managed to look elegant.

There was a fire lit in an enormous mantle that was made out of beautifully colored green granite, the flickering flames reflecting off of the pretty stone.

"Must be better than your house, eh Weasley?" Malfoy had sidled up beside me, smirking. "I've heard all of you sleep in one room. Is that true?"

"Shove off, Malfoy." I hissed, glaring at him as my insides twisted with hatred.

Malfoy raised his eyebrows. "Ooooh, I seem to have struck a nerve."

"Shut it back there, Weasel!" Millicent Bulstrode said loudly, making everyone in the common room laugh and jeer.

I glowered at her silently, my arms folded over my chest to keep myself from making fists. I hate that nickname already.

"Girls' dormitories are on my left, first door for you lot. The boys' are on the right, also first door." Millicent smirked at the first years then. "You lot should go to sleep. You've got classes with Gryffindor house all day tomorrow."

"YES!" I shouted, punching the air and jumping in place, not even noticing that most of the first years were groaning or cursing. My red curls tumbled in front of my eyes, but I brushed them away impatiently.

I'm gonna see Ron! And Harry! Not just this group of bloody idiots!

It was then I realized that everyone in the common room was gaping at me with distaste and backing away as if I had the plague.

"Shove off!" I snapped at them, setting my jaw defiantly. "At least they're more fun than you lot!"

There was a pause in which everyone continued to sneer at me with disgust.

"And I feel sorry for all of you first years that have to deal with the blood traitor." Bulstrode sneered disdainfully, not looking very sorry at all.

I sucked in my breath at that, my skin paling. Blood traitor.

Is that what I am?

Millicent walked up to me, towering over me with her hands on her hips, with that same disgusting smirk on her face. "Got something else you want to say, Weasel?"

I was so nervous that I was close to calling it quits and run into my dorm to hide under the covers.

But of course, I didn't let any of the Slytherins know that.

I grinned gleefully at Bulstrode, putting my hands on my hips to match her stance. "Yeah, I've got something to say, Millicent. Up yours."

I laughed in her face then, my voice echoing around the underground common room, before waving at my dumbfounded housemates cheerfully and skipping over to my dorm, my grin a mile wide even as my heart clamored in my chest with fear.

I knew that I could have just made a whole lot of enemies, and I was pretty sure I had whether I'd meant to or not.


"So how did your first night with the Slytherins go, Reenie?" Fred tossed his arm around my shoulders and steered me towards the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall.

It feels so good to hear someone call me by my REAL name.

"Yeah, how did you survive the night with those ickle Slytherins?" George pushed me down in a chair between them at the Gryffindor table, not letting me go over to the Slytherin table like I was supposed to.

Not that I was complaining.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed some potatoes and sausage, putting them on my plate. "I honestly know how I did it. You always said that the Slytherins were awful, but blimey, I didn't think they'd be this awful."

"Ah, well, at least you have classes with the Gryffindors, eh love?" Fred winked at me, taking a bite of my sausage.

"Oi! Gimme that back!" I cried indignantly, reaching up with my hands to try and get my sausage link back from Fred.

Fred tossed the last bit into his mouth and grinned triumphantly.

That is, until I punched him in the arm.

"Oi, calm down woman and get yourself another bloody sausage!" Fred complained, rubbing his arm as George and Lee Jordan nearly cried with laughter.

I smirked and took another sausage…from Fred’s plate.

"Oi! I didn't mean from my plate!" Fred groaned, letting his head fall into his hands in defeat.

"Well, next time you need to be more specific, Freddie!" I laughed, giving George and Lee high-fives. Success!

"Oh, shove off you three." Fred grumbled, elbowing me lightly in the side.

"Oi, don't you start tha-" I was cut off by a voice that was dripping with sarcasm and disgust.

"While this does look fun and quite touching, Ms. Weasley, I am wondering why are you not joining your own house for breakfast?"

I saw Fred, George, and Lee all tense as if they were nervous or anticipating a fight or something.

Who is that? I thought. Isn't it a bit early for me to be in trouble already?

I turned around to see a tall man standing there in billowing black robes. Greasy black hair hung around his face in sheets, framing a pale face that was fixed in a sneer, the black eyes eyeing me and my brothers with distaste.

I cleared my throat. "I-I'm sorry?"

The man smirked. "In case you didn't know, I am Professor Snape, the head of your house. Slytherin, that is. And I will not tolerate any of my students not sitting with their housemates. So, if you would say good-bye, Ms. Weasley. I expect you back over at the Slytherin table by the time I come back with your schedules."

With that, Professor Snape turned and swept away, leaving me free to see Malfoy and his cronies laughing and jeering at me from the Slytherin table.

Seriously? This is so stupid!

I sighed and folded my arms over my chest. "Sorry mates. I'll see you later." I stood up slowly, my good morning already ruined. "Tell Ron and Harry I'll see them in class, yeah?"

Fred and George nodded, Lee glaring at Snape where he sat at the teachers' table. "Course, Reenie. Good luck on your first day." George said encouragingly.

I grinned and shoved George lightly. "Ha, like you care about studies?"

"Get yourself over there, Ree!" George grinned back at me. "Before you get detention on your first day!"

"Oh, like you didn't?" I smirked at the two of them as I began walking backwards slowly. I don't want to sit with them. They're all assholes.

"She's got a point." Fred said as Lee Jordan began laughing again.

Then I saw that Professor Snape was stalking back over to the Slytherin table.

Blimey! I gotta go!

With one last wave at Lee and my brothers, I dashed around the Ravenclaw table and collapsed into an empty seat at the far end of the Slytherin table just before Snape arrived at the table.

Malfoy was about two seats away and he smirked at my lack of breath and now-tangled curls.

Not that I cared.

He raised an eyebrow at me but I matched his gaze, glare for glare.

I won't be the first one to look away. I won't, I won't, I won't.

And I wasn't- Snape asked for his attention and I grinned triumphantly immediately after that, making Malfoy's face turn sour.

Hahaha, I win!

(here: http://www.polyvore.com/reenie_skye_weasley_first_day/set?id=78370358)

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