Zombie Group Story

Doing things a little differently. You can have one character or you can make a whole family (or part of one if some got killed) or small group. No more than four for a group or six for a family. Also if you want to be in the same family or original group (we'll all merge) as someone else that's fine but each chapter will still be one group, family, or person. Meaning you would write the chapter together and the number of characters is the same. Please don't use all girls, try to keep it even,

Chapter 1

Zombie Story Sign Up

by: Salocin

Since this is a Zombie Apocalypse story and it's possible to meet people at any time, you can join even after we start the story. I will add on to the list of authors if/when anyone else signs up.


Since I don't know how many characters people will make I am unable to say a limit at this time. I would like to keep it below 50 (counting ALL family and group members) that would be for example only eight families of six. So please don't everyone use the full amount so that more people will be able to join. FORGOT TO ADD you can have a friend or two in your family or a relative or two in your group. Amount still applies.
Also I will not accept chapters with a lot of spelling and grammar errors. There is no reason not to edit your work I will not except ANY excuses. I type everything I write in Microsoft Word so it can help me edit things. If you don't have anything like that you can still check your spelling by putting words you are unsure of in a search engine one word or phrase at a time. Yes it takes a while but I did it just fine before I got Microsoft. I am a special needs adult with the mentality of about a sixteen year old if I can edit my work so can you.

Name (Nickname): Hope Anderson
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Height 5'4, skinny. He has wavy light blond hair that goes about two inches past his ears. He wears a black graphic t-shirt, brown Cargo pants, and blue and red sneakers.
Personality: Usually he is funny and sarcastic but has been a little quiet after losing his parents.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Backstory: When they started off they had two more people Susan Anderson and Kevin Anderson. They were the parents of Chase, Hope, and Ulysses. Some zombies had attacked them when everyone but them, Uly, and Dani were on a supply run. Uly saw the zombies eat them alive and he hasn’t said much since. Now they are just trying to find some place safe where Dani can have her baby and rest a while.
Other: His best friend is Abby. He's gay. He loves music and carries a grey ocarina on him at all times. He also carries a notebook with him that he writes in daily; that way if something happens to him people will know his story and what he and his family went through.

Name (Nickname): Abigail (Abby) Myers
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Height 5'8, skinny. She has curly brunette hair that goes a little past her shoulders. She wears a brown university sweater, pink skinny jeans, and blue and gray sneakers.
Personality: She loves to talk about random things and loves to read. She is very loyal to her family and friends.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: Her best friend is Hope. She carries two books in her bag at all times; she switches them out on supply runs when she is done with them.

Name (Nickname): Danielle (Dani) Anderson
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Height 5'9. She has long curly black hair. She wears a light blue long sleeve shirt, light tan Capri pants, and white sneakers.
Personality: She cares about everyone around her and she always tries to see the good in people. She is very protective of her loved ones and will do anything to keep them safe. The only thing she doesn't like about being pregnant is that it limits what she can do and that goes against her need to help out.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: She is married to Chase and is seven months pregnant.

Name (Nickname): Chase Anderson
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Height 6'1, has some muscle. He has short medium blond hair. He wears a dark purple dress shirt, black dress pants, a black vest with a charcoal back, and black hiking boots.
Personality: He used to be a little too immature but having to deal with the zombies and looking after everyone has made him very serious. If you can catch him in a good mood and there are no major problems to be solved right that second he may joke around for a bit.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: He is married to Danielle. After their parents were killed Chase took on the responsibility of taking care of Hope and Uly. He had always loved hiking and camping which has helped their survival a great deal.

Name (Nickname): Ulysses (Uly) Anderson
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Height 4'5, skinny. He has short spiky red hair. He wears a dark gray sweater, dark blue jeans, a blue jean jacket with red sleeves and red hood, and blue and white sneakers.
Personality: He is very quiet after seeing his parents get eaten by zombies.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: He loves magic and can spend hours doing tricks with the deck of cards Chase brought back for him on a supply run.

Name (Nickname): Riley Nichols
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short, light-brown hair with a fringe, brown eyes, average height. Jeans, green jumper, red converse.
Personality: Funny, sarcastic, can be annoying.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Backstory: The Nichols's mother died giving birth to Riley. Their father died when the eldest brother, Kurt was 21 and studying veterinary in Glasgow. He came home to look after his siblings, giving up his dream of becoming a vet. After Joey and Darren's foster parents were murdered by zombies, Kurt took charge of everyone(Paul, Lucas, Riley, Darren, and Joey).They are now traveling to The Nichols's grandmother's house, in hopes to find other living beings.
Other: Her best friend is Darren. She is very fast. She has a crush on Darren.

Name (Nickname): Darren Harris
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall enough, has brown hair but dyes it green and he wears it in plaits, green eyes. White shirt, red skinny jeans, dirty old trainers, sweatbands around his wrists.
Personality: Kind, friendly, trustworthy, you could say he's a little weird, funny.
Family, Group, Individual: Family.
Other: He is bisexual. He is amazing at drawing and carries a sketchpad all the time. His best friends are Riley and Joey. Joey is closer to Riley than Darren. His mother killed herself and his Dad never even showed up to meet Darren. His foster parents are Jed and Eva.

Name (Nickname):Josephine(Joey)Borne
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short dark brown hair with flecks of red, blue eyes, average height. A grey school skirt with the hem chopped off, long stripy socks up to her knees, one sock black and white, the other black and red,black biker boots with shiny silver buckles, and a huge blazer.
Personality: Clever, kind, weird, understanding, punk-ish.
Family, Group, Individual: Family.
Other: A huge tomboy. A great friend to her two best friends. Joey doesn't know who her parents are. She was put in foster care after being found on the doorstep at the age of 2 months. She came to Jed and Eva's when she was 12. She is best friends with Riley and Darren. She is closer to Riley than Darren. When she was 13 Darren came to live with them.

Name (Nickname): Lucas Nichols.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall in height, grey-blue eyes, shaggy blond hair. Brown cargo pants, a Good Charlotte T-shirt, white-greyish high-tops.
Personality: Not too smart, friendly, fun.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: He has a crush on Joey. Is super good at video games and tech-y computer things, and keeps various stuff with him. Always has headphones in.

Name (Nickname): Paul Nichols
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Naturally dirty blond hair, but he dyed it white, grey-blue eyes, tall in height. Arsenal football jersey, white jeans, trainers.
Personality: Smart enough, athletic, funny, brave, kind-when you get to know him.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: Great at football, and doesn't get why his twin isn't. Gets on really good with Riley.

Name (Nickname): Kurt Nichols.
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mushroom-y style black hair, tall, brown eyes. Black pants, waiters uniform, smart shiny black shoes.
Personality: Mean(because he had to give up his dream),but nice enough if he likes you, intelligent.
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: His new occupation is being a waiter.

Name (Nickname): Jack Downs
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jack- black hair, emerald green eyes with blue flecks, wears clothes circa 50s-60s, handsome. .
Personality: Jack- nice, quiet, intelligent, selfless
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Backstory: Jack is the "good” twin. Octavia is the “evil” twin. The only family they have left is each other, their parents were murdered.
Other: Girlfriend was murdered by zombies and is isolated.

Name (Nickname): Octavia Downs (Tavia, Tavy)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long black hair, bright gray eyes with violet flecks, wears clothes circa 50s-60s, tall like her twin, beautiful. (height: 6'1")
Personality: Cold, cruel, intelligent, selfish
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: She is evil.

Name (Nickname): Leslie (Les) Young
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Height- 5'4". Hair- Light brown, medium length, wavy. Eyes- Dark green. Body- Tan, strong, muscular. Clothes- Blue hoodie with plaid shirt underneath, skinny jeans, Converse sneakers.
Personality: She's very curious about the zombies and can't seem to stay away from them. She's also strong, fast and very independent. She loves to laugh and makes friends easily, especially with the boy's
Family, Group, Individual: Individual
Backstory: Her family disappeared and now she's not sure where they are or if they're even living. She's sad about this but doesn't show it.

Name: Captain Arthur (Art) McElroy
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shaved head, darker skin, black eyes, tall, muscular
Personality: Serious, outspoken, confident, quiet
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Backstory: Art, John and QB^ grew up on a military base. Art and Johns father was a in the army, and so trained them for it. Art went into the army as a Captain and John still trains. QBs mother was in the air force and her father the navy, they both trained her. All the parents died when the zombie outbreak happened and growing up as neighbors, they all figured they'd make a good team, they gathered supplies and left to find safer ground.
Other: He was in the army, so when the zombie outbreak started he was able to get an armored truck filled with guns, ammo, knives, fuel and supplies

Name: John McElroy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: short brown hair, darker skin, black eyes, tall, thin but strong
Personality: Quiet, daring, smart, autistic
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: Captain Art is his older brother, when the zombie outbreak started he was able to get another armored truck filled like his brothers. While on the run, he'll keep up with his studies

Name: Mavis (Queenbee) Johnstone
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: long brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes, tall-ish, wiry and flexible but strong
Personality: Happy, quiet, sunny, caring
Family, Group, Individual: Family
Other: Used to be a pro gymnast, and was trained to into the navy or air force.

Name (Nickname): Raze Joaner
Age: 14
Gender: female
Appearance: short gray hair, green eyes, pale, skinny, wears jumpsuits.
Personality: quiet and angry. She hates being put down or told what to do. She stays quiet and only speaks to people if they'll actually listen.
Family, Group, Individual: Individual
Backstory: She was abandoned when young, never found a family and was friends with random people, but it never lasted long. She grew quiet and mistrusting.

Name:(Nickname) Alyssa Miller
Age: 16
Appearance: Short, 5'1" Long Black hair, usually in a braid. Stunning Blue eyes. Wears a ratty camo hoodie, skinny jeans, and combat boots.
Personality: Loner, doesn't open up very much and is VERY stubborn.
Backstory: Orphan, but nothing else is known about her life, and she doesn't share anything. She is just trying to survive.

Name: Daniel Rivers Nickname: Dan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short cropped brown hair, medium height, blue eyes, brown jeans, black T-shirt, camouflage vest, silver running shoes.
Personality: Friendly but not very trusting, great at improvising and very protective of his friends.
Backstory: Is looking for the remnants of his former marine squad, they were his closest friends and were sent to a city close by when the zombies kicked off.
Other: Has a few military weapons and ammo he was allowed to keep when he was recently kicked from the military for deserting his post in a battle.

Name: Bailey Willa
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Appearance: shortish, in the middle of skinny and chubby, soft green eyes, light skin, hair originally blond but died a darkish pink, strait hair, and light freckles.
Personality: nice, friendly, can be fun at times, shy, but not afraid to take on a hoard of zombies
Backstory: family got killed by zombies so she is all alone and was an only child,
Other: a black belt in karate, really good at judo

Name: Vendetta Ivry
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance:Tall,pale skin,thin but pretty strong. Eye color: Dark brown. Hair color: Short, dyed a dark purple.
Personality: Mean,sarcastic,sly,pretty smart, un-trusting(because of all the zombies) harsh,but under standing. Listens well.
Backstory: She's just trying to survive and she doesn't like to settle down. Orphan. Never had a family to begin with.
Other: Great with guns and running.

Name:Tristan Scott
Appearance:Tousled black hair, Green eyes, and pale skin Camo pants, biege tshirt, combat boots.
Personality:Confident, Strong, Tough, Protective.
Backstory:Parents went missing when the zombie epidemic, after he got home from the war. He took his twin brother, little brothers and little sister to try and find survivors.

Name: Andrew Scott
Appearence: Same as Tristan, Jeans and Dark Blue Tshirt Sneakers
Personality: Confident, smart, Protective, Tough, Happy, Sweet

Name: Collin Scott
Appearence:Short Black hair, Brown eyes, Pale skin, Khaki pants, Black shirt, Boots
Personality: Cocky, Stubborn, Strong, Smart

Name:Logan Scott
Gender: Male
Appearence: Blonde hair, Black roots, Brown eyes, Leather jacket, Jeans, White workout shirt
Personality: Gentle, Strong, Tough, Nice

Name:Eva Scott
Appearence:Long Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin, Camo jeans, Cream tank top, Black leather jacket.
Personality:Sweet, Timid, Stubborn, Tough


Name (Nickname):
Family, Group, Individual:
Backstory: (If family or group only fill this out on the first one as to save room)


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