I'm Deleting, I Have to. I'm Really Sorry.

Guys I Never Wanted to Have to Delete, Really.....

Chapter 1

I Was Never Probably Allowed to Make an Account.

by: I_Deleted
I Have to Delete Because my Mom doesn't Know I Have a Quibblo and She would be so Mad if She knew. Feel Free to be Mad at me fir making one in the First Place. I've Been Guilty for too Long About this, and I Just Can't do it Anymore. I'm Really, Sincerely Sorry D': If I'm in Your Group Story Just Cut me Out of it. If your in Mine You Guys can Copy and Paste it and Someone Else can Lead it.
I'll Miss You Guys. I'm Sorry )': If I Could Stay U Would, Hope You Know that ;(
Bye. I'll Try to Still look at Your Quizzes from Time to Time.
Your Friend,
Ellye <3


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