Madam Sizzers

Every month a child disappears, and is later found lying dead either on the streets or on their doorsteps. These catastrophes have been ignored for quite a while. This action strikes fear into our little hearts and bodies.

But the strangest thing, is that this all started when a certain woman arrived at our school.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I grabbed my bag and ran down the hall. 'Hall pass!" asked a hall monitor stretching out his hand. I searched my pockets and my bag too. "I must have left it in class."

"Well," he began to jot down, "That means detention for you.

"Really? I'm just nine," I lied.

"Lying! That's two detentions" he scoffed and handed both tickets to me.

"Great!" I yelled out sarcastically while putting the notes in my bag pack.

"Sarcasm! That's..."

Before he could finish I was gone. I ran as fast as I could to reach the classroom. Oh! Good! No teacher," I said as I opened the door and shut it in front of my face. To reveal a scary looking being staring right at me. Her hair was pilled back by a weird looking hairband.

"You're late!" she screeched. "W\here have you been?"

"I...I...I" I stammered, not knowing what to say or do. "I was in the principal's office" I lied shamelessly.

"Grab a seat" she shouted as if I could not hear her. For the first time I noticed that she was old and scrawny. "Are you Jewish?" she asked.

"Yes! Yes I am!" I answered smiling.

"I am anti-semitic" she said scratching her butt. "Anti-semitic?" I asked, "What does that mean?"

"It means I hate Jews and Greeks!" she said angrily. "So you just might have a tough time here." She turned away to face the blackboard.

"What was that about?" asked Lola moving her chair next to me.

"I have no idea" I answered back. "Nice sweater" I complimented trying to hide my jealousy.

Lola has been my best friend since kindergarten and I was not gonna let her go for some silly lust of mine. She had long brown hair that curved her face so gently.

"Rachel!" the woman shouted. "Do you have anything you want to share with the class?" She crossed her arms. I simply could not reply cause like my mother taught me: "Never talk back to your elders. No matter what."

"Rachel! I asked you a question" she began to approach me. I just looked down not caring if she misspelled my name. "Rachel!" she held my hand tight. "You're hurting me" I struggled pleading for mercy. "Let go of my hand!"

Tighter and tighter she squeezed until when I almost began to tear.

"Madam Sizzers!" called a voice coming in. She quickly let go of my hand and pretended to pat my head. "It's okay sweetie" "Don't cry" "If you breath a word of this you will get what;s coming to you!" she whispered, "You got that?" I nodded wiping my tears.

"I will take over now" said Mr. Simon. "Oh! There's no need. I got..."

"I said I will take over!" he argued. She angrily took her books and headed for the door. But then Mr. Simon pulled her back. "I know what you're dong Dana" he whispered. She eyed him then slammed the door,

"Detention?!" asked Lola. "You got detention again?" I have always disappointed her. Whenever we plan something I always have to have an excuse not to go. Last year I couldn't go to her birthday just because I had to watch the new episode of Vampire Diaries and today she planned for a hairstylist to come and do our hair.

"Well atleast you will be free tomorrow" she tried to cope with the situation. "Well..." I shrugged.

"Oh come on!" She stormed off.

"Lola I'm sorry!" I ran after her. "It is not my fault I don't have a hall pass."

"Yes Rachel!" "It is always not your fault. Always." she sighed.

"Anyway, sorry for exaggerating" she apologized which made me feel even more at fault.

"Stop apologizing!" I implied. "You're making me feel worse!"

"then what should I say?", "It is all your fault you never got your hall pass?", "What? Do you want me to lie to you?"

She sighed and ran into the janitor's closet. I forgot tp mention she was still mad at me for missing her birthday.

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