Wild Night

A short story about how one night's tragedy can rock someone's world.
(Because it's a short story, chapters wont be very long)

Chapter 2

I am Watching.

by: I_Deleted
The New Jersey Police arrive less than five minutes after they call. I am concerned, unnerved. I have no clue why the police would be asking for me. I can feel my heart pulsing through my entire body, and the tips of my fingers are tingling. I see the police car, lights off (which may or may not be a good sign), pulling into the driveway of our little house. I rush to the door at full speed and yank it open before they have the chance to let me know who they are. I already know all too well.

A man comes up the steps and meets me. Now, all that is between us is a screen door. I pull it open (despite the fact that I would rather not) and give him a bittersweet, nervous smile. "What's the matter?"

The man gives me a pitiful look. "Your parents," he said, "have been involved in a shooting at your little brother's school."

I suddenly feel shock. I don't have a little brother, and my parents are supposed to be on a cruise... But I, unable to control myself, utter the first question that comes to mind. "Are-are they okay?"

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