Wild Night

A short story about how one night's tragedy can rock someone's world.
(Because it's a short story, chapters wont be very long)

Chapter 1

The Call.

by: I_Deleted
The clock ticks, clearly enjoying its wonderful view of my sorrowful attempt to sleep. I bury my head in my pillows, letting out a loud screech. There is no one here to hear me. The floor creaks ominously as I let out a long, envious sigh. If only I could be as still as the night. It has much more rest than I do lately.

I merely grunt as I flop onto my back and cross my arms, eyes fixed on some invisible point in space. My alarm will ring in an hour, still so far away. Tick tock, tick tock.

Suddenly, I hear the phone bellowing the sweet Christmas ringtone that my mother hasn't bothered to change, even though it's spring. Since we have a family cell phone, I always like to keep it with me when my parents are away. And when they decided to go on a four-night cruise and leave me, a sixteen-year-old, by myself, I grew a sudden attachment to the iPhone. It is my best friend these days.

Problem is, I don't see it. Panic stretches across my heart like a pair of tights, so I jump up and begin to dig through the piles of various random items of mine (clothes and makeup, mostly), searching for the phone. Clothes fly behind me, tumbling down my lavender walls and landing on my fluffy white carpet. It only takes me two rings to locate the phone under my bed, but it seems like ages. I tap the "talk" button with my thumb and press the thin device up to my ear. "Hello?" I say, my voice ringing back at me (I am talking too loud).

"Hello," says a gentle voice. "Marilyn Benfard?"

"Um, yes, that's me," I grimace, confused and jittery.

"This is the New Jersey Police Department," the voice is firmer now, and clearly a woman's. "We need you to come down immediately. Someone will be there to pick you up soon.
"So be watching."

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