YouTube tips and tricks

Just a few things you can do with YouTube. For the examples I will be using the Gangnam Style video. Because pop culture references are cool.

Chapter 1

Have fun with these :)

Watch videos on repeat

To watch a YouTube video on an infinite loop simply type "repeat" before or after the "youtube" part of the url.
So becomes or

Watch age-restricted content

To watch a video that YouTube blocks because of mature content simply type "nsfw" before the "youtube" part.
So becomes

Watch videos blocked in your country

To watch a video that is blocked in your country all you have to do is copy the video id from the url and paste it into the end of this url:
So you start with a url like this:
Copy the part after the equals sign: 9bZkp7q19f0
And paste it onto the alternate youtube url like this:

Link to a specific point in the video

If you want to provide a link to a specific part of the video for someone, rather than them having to jump to it themselves, all you have to do is paste "#t=XXs" onto the end of the url. XX is the number of seconds into the video you wish to jump.
So if you want to jump 30 seconds in you would type
Additionally, you can jump a certain amount of minutes by replacing the "s" with an "m"
So if you want to jump 2 minutes in you would type "#t=2m"
You can also use a combination of minutes and seconds.
So if you want to jump 3 minutes and 10 seconds in you would type "#t=3m10s"


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