An idea for the story contest for anyone who wants it

I'll explain below.

Chapter 1

Free idea :D

So I had an idea for the current Quibblo story contest. I'm not much of an author and even if I was I don't think I've got time to do it justice so it's free for whoever wants it.

My idea is for six different characters, all completely unrelated, all in different countries, all with their own back stories, to tell the story of their experience in a post apocalyptic world. It would be written in a blog style format and, while the characters are all unrelated, they all have similar details in their story, perhaps hinting at a bigger, more ominous picture. What type of apocalypse is it? That's for you to decide, though I quite like the idea of a nuclear or zombie apocalypse.

6 countries. 6 characters. 6 chapters. You fill in the details.

If you do decide to use my idea I would appreciate some credit somewhere, even if it's just a brief cameo appearance as one of the characters (my name's Oliver, I like skateboarding and computer programming). Also a personal message saying you used my idea would be great.

I hope maybe you will use, or are at least inspired by my idea. Thanks and have a nice day. Bye :)


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