Favorite band re-post

Favorite band re-post


Chapter 1

BVB <3

Basic Questions!

1. Who is your favorite band?
Black Veil Brides

2. Who is your least favorite band?
I dunno...Mumford & Sons?

3. Why is Black Veil Brides your favorite band?
I love the message they give out and I really like Andy's voice and they're not "serious" all the time, they're funny and stuff.

4. How did you discover your favorite band?
They had concert that was cheap and my bf loves them and asked me to see them with him so I went.

5. What's your favorite thing about your favorite band?
Pretty much everything.

Song Questions!
1. A song of theirs that makes you cry?

2. A song of theirs that makes you laugh?
None I suppose

3. A song of theirs you want to play at a certain time in your life? (Wedding, Funeral, etc)
In The End- Funeral

4. A song of theirs you can relate to?

5. A song of theirs you hate?

6. A song of theirs you can dance to?
A lot of 'em

7. Your favorite music video?

8. Your favorite song of theirs?
Shadows Die and Heaven's Calling

Test Your Knowledge!
1. List the names of all the band members.
Ashley Purdy, Jinxx, Jake Pitts, CC, Andy Biersack

2. List all their songs you can think of. NO CHEATING.
Yeah I'm sorry they have too many songs.

3. Random trivia begins now!

A. The lead singer's middle name?

B. What was their first album called?
We Stitch These Wounds. I think

C. How many Grammys have they won?
I don't think they've won a grammy.

Other Random Questions
1. The first song you ever heard by your favorite band?
Knives and Pens

2. What songs of theirs are on your iPod/phone?
A lot

3. Put in on shuffle, which of their songs came up first?
Die For You

4. Have you ever heard your favorite band on the radio?
No :/

5. Do you know anyone else with the same favorite band?


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