Internet tips and tricks

Some more internet tips and tricks to make your life that little bit easier.

Chapter 1

Tips and tricks.

Watch any TV show on demand for free

Want to catch up on a favourite show, or just try something new, but don't want to buy or rent it, or just can't find it. Fear not. Just head over to This site is basically a directory that provides links to sites where you can watch episodes of TV shows. All you have to do is search for your TV show (they have basically everything), scroll down to the episode list, click on the episode you want to watch, and then click 'search links'. From here it's just a case of picking a link, sitting back, and enjoying your show.

Note: Some links work better than others and a bit of trial and error might be required to find a working link and video player. My personal recommendation is the putlocker player, but use whatever works for you.

Visit websites that are blocked in your school

Any school in its right mind blocks and filters the internet to keep students from screwing around with YouTube or games or whatever. Fortunately for us students, however, most schools don't make a very good job of it and it's extremely easy to get around it if you know how. Simply head over to, type in the url of the blocked site, and hit enter. You're now free to enjoy endless procrastination and adoring looks from your classmates. Just keep it quiet or your school will block that too, and then you're stuck.

Note: Some schools filter keywords like "youtube" and "facebook" as well as the sites themselves, so this might not work for some websites.

Note: You can also use this to access websites that are blocked by your internet service provider, like

Convert Youtube videos to mp3 files

So you've just watched your 20th Naruto amv so far this evening and you've decided you absolutely must have that song that's playing in the background, but you have no idea what it is or where to get it. Not to worry. Just head on over to Here you can enter the url of any YouTube video and it will convert it to an mp3 file in seconds. Then all you have to do is download it and it's yours. To keep. Forever. You can put it on your mp3 player, on your PS3, or just keep it on your computer for the next time the situation calls for AC/DC but your internet has crapped out.

Download even more free music

What's that? The song you want isn't in a YouTube video? That's no problem. Just visit They've got a near endless library of downloadable mp3 files from any artist you can think of. They even have songs from recently released albums like Black Veil Brides' Wretched and Divine. Just search for a song or artist, pick a file, listen to the preview of the song and, if it's to your liking, download it.

Never watch an advert again

If you're anything like me then you got sick of having to watch an advert for L'oreal or Honda every time you want to watch a 30 second video of a guy getting whacked in the nuts or a panda sneezing a long time ago. But things don't have to be this way. If you're using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (if you're not using either of those then you're either an idiot, a massive hipster, or both) then you can download an ad blocker that will forever rid you of the curse that is loud, tiny adverts that are impossible to find and mute.

Chrome users can download it here:

Firefox users can download it here:


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