Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Author's Note:
Hello! This is the first (and most successful) solo-author story I've written so far! Click the link below to read an interview I did with my friend Allison regarding the story.


Anyway, I would really appreciate your support and/or constructive criticism. I've completed this story and I hope you'll like it!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading! ~ AwesomeOK1

Chapter 53

Eli Bensworth

Eli knew he was in trouble when his eyes flickered open. He was once again tied up in a chair the same way he was with Xavier Greene. Only this time, he wasn't alone. Someone was sitting in a chair behind him, tied up and knocked out in a similar fashion.

"Rhonda? Rhonda, is that you?" Eli called out to the person seating behind him.

There was a soft groan as the person behind him came to.

"Rhonda?" Eli asked.

"No, Detective, it's me. Cassidy," Cassidy groaned.

"Oh...oh, okay, Cassidy. Are you alright? Do you know where we are?" Eli asked Cassidy.

He felt Cassidy look around their surroundings. "I...I think we're in the auditorium. The school auditorium in Cliffton High. We're on the stage of the auditorium right now. Detective, what happened?"

"I don't know," Eli said. "All I remember was someone knocking me out. Do you know where's my partner?"

"I think I can answer that."

Someone stepped out of the shadows at the back of the stage, moving forward into the light.

It was Scott.

"Scott, what the hell are you up to?" Cassidy accused. "You had Sylvia's necklace in your locker. How did you get it?"

Scott crossed his arms and that was when Eli saw the gun in his hands. "How I got it? How do you think, Cassidy?"

Scott's eyes were cold and harsh. His face was grim.

"What kind of monster have you become?" Cassidy breathed. "I was blind to have once loved you."

Scott let out a 'hmph' of displeasure.

"Where's my partner?" Eli demanded.

Scott turned to him. "Your partner, Detective? She's right here with me."


The shadows parted and, almost eerily, Detective Rhonda Willis stepped out from the shadows as well. Rhonda looked fine. It didn't seem like she'd been knocked out at all.

Her eyes were solemn and there was a hint of sadness twinging in her expression as she walked over and stood next to Scott. Eli noted the gun in her hand.

"Hello, Eli," Rhonda said, almost guiltily, her eyes darting around, refusing to look Eli in the eye.

"Rhonda? What? Why are you with him?" Eli asked, looking at Rhonda and Scott in utter bewilderment.

Rhonda looked away, crossing her arms. "I'm sorry Eli. I know that being a police officer, serving and upholding the law is my civic duty. But family's the most important to me."

"What are you talking about?" Eli spluttered.

Rhonda looked at Eli. "I won't let them take my son away."

"Your s-"

The truth dawned on Eli. Eli shook his head, not wanting to believe it. "No. No, that's crazy. He can't be your- That's not possible-"

"It is," Rhonda muttered. "Scott's my son."

Scott looked up at Rhonda and for the first time, Eli saw the concern and worry in his eyes. "Mom, I- I'm sorry I got you into this."

Rhonda shook her head, not meeting Scott's eyes either. "It's okay, Scott. Let me handle this."

"She's your mother?" Cassidy spluttered at Scott.

"I told you before, Cassidy. At Gelato Inn. My mother isn't always there for me but she'd do anything for me," Scott said.

"You never told me you had a son," Eli said, looking at Rhonda as if seeing her for the first time.

"You never asked," Rhonda said. "We've been partners for 10 years, Eli. 10 years! And you never found out or asked about my family until today. You have only yourself to blame for this."

"Rhonda, please, see sense," Eli pleaded. "Covering up for Scott...I know he's your son, but you can't encourage him to keep making mistakes. You have to turn him in."

"Turn him in," Rhonda repeated. "I'll never do that. Never."

"Scott..." Cassidy breathed. She sounded shocked beyond belief. "Were you...responsible? For killing...?"

Scott looked away as well. He swallowed, his Adam's Apple bobbing up and down. "Cassidy, I truly...I never meant for things to turn out that way..."

As Scott spoke, Eli felt around and furiously began to try and work his hands out of the ropes. He felt Cassidy's hands - still tied up behind him - touch his. Cassidy pushed something into Eli's hand. It felt like a cross attached to a necklace. Eli realized Cassidy's intent. Using the sharp part of the cross, he began cutting into his ropes.

Scott stared into space, recalling all the events of that day. "That Saturday, I...I was at school. I...I saw Ponnie standing there."

Eli began to paint a picture of the scenario in his head.

"I spoke to Ponnie that day. She told me to back off. She said she was waiting for Jonah to take her out on a date. I lost my temper again. I...I lashed out at her. I grabbed her arm, screamed at her...She ran, retreated into the school, trying to call for help on her cell phone. I chased her into the construction site and she dropped her phone in her hurry. I was so mad...all I could see was red...I'd had every girl I ever wanted and Ponnie was determined to stay away from me. I lost control. I didn't mean to k- kill her, I just...I just wanted her so badly. My hands were on her throat and before I knew it, she was...dead. Just sitting there...gone."

Scott put his head in his hands, his voice trembling. "I...I was going to run away. Pretend I never did what I did. But then I saw Sylvia. She...She'd seen what I did. She'd witnessed me kill Ponnie. I had to silence her."

"You ingrate!" Cassidy screamed, seething with rage. "You're a monster!"

"It was her fault!" Scott insisted. "She had her phone out and she was just yelling at me, saying she was going to report me and she was calling the police and I just...I snapped again. I hit her and I pushed her down onto the ground. There was a knife nearby, leftover from one of the construction workers. I...I grabbed it and I just plunged down."

"And what about the boy? Jonah?" Eli asked, looking at Scott out of the corner of his eye.

"He came looking for Ponnie," Scott said, between sobs. "I hid behind a wall and watched him come in. When he saw Sylvia, I feared Sylvia would tell him that it was me who'd done all this. She was still alive, see, if only feebly. So I hit Jonah over the head with a wooden club and knocked him out. I let Sylvia bleed to death, then took the knife I'd used to stab her, cleaned off my fingerprints and put it in Jonah's hand."

"What about the necklace? Why'd you steal it?" Cassidy asked.

"When I hit Sylvia, I cut my hand on her necklace," Scott muttered. "So I snatched it off. I didn't want to leave my blood at the scene. I realized too late that I should have just cleaned the blood off the necklace."

Scott sobbed, wiping the tears off his face. Cassidy shook her head and Eli could hear her weeping as well. Rhonda turned to look at Eli, her face impassive.

"Rhonda, you have to turn Scott in," Eli said sadly.

"Never," Rhonda said, a steely look entering her eyes. "He's my only damn son! I'd rather die than see his future go to waste, Eli. If I had to choose between him and you, I'm afraid son trumps partner in this equation."

Eli gulped. Rhonda shook her head. "I'm sorry I had to knock you out earlier, Eli. But I couldn't risk you shooting my son. You and Cassidy know too much. It's unfortunate, but the both of you must die."

"Rhonda, you know how the law works. You're a detective!" Eli reasoned, desperate. "You helped chase these criminals down. You know they all get caught in the end."

Rhonda did something unexpected. She smiled.

"Exactly, Eli," she said. "I've worked for the law. I know how the police operate. That's why I'd make the best criminal. I know exactly how to evade the police. Scott and I will be gone and out of the country by the time they find your bodies. I'm sorry, Eli. You were my partner and my friend. But I love my son more."

Rhonda turned to Scott. "Come on, let's finish this quickly."

Scott wiped the tears off his face, sniffing. "O- Okay."

Eli frantically began his work, moving the tiny cross back and forth across his ropes. With one last swift slide, the ropes came loose.

Rhonda leveled her gun at Eli. "I won't make my son commit any more murders. The deaths of the two of you will be on me."

"I'm sorry, Rhonda, but I can't let that happen," Eli said.

He leaped to his feet just as Rhonda's bullet whizzed by and grazed his hair. Eli lunged out and swung Cassidy's necklace - still in his hand - across Rhonda's face. It sliced a gash above her eyebrow and Rhonda cried out in pain, collapsing backwards into Scott's arms.

Cassidy broke free of her ropes too.

"Eli!" she yelled, running to him.

"I'm here!" Eli cried, hurriedly grabbing Cassidy by the shoulder.

The two of them ran around Scott and Rhonda in their distraction, running backstage. Scott turned around and began firing potshots at them.

"Duck!" Eli instructed, forcing Cassidy's head down as well as his own.

"What do we do? Where do we go?" Cassidy asked, looking frightened.

"Up! Up!" Eli pointed ahead, where there was a stairwell in position, looking inviting.

He and Cassidy raced over and began climbing up to the second floor of the auditorium silently. The whole place was bathed in light as either Scott or Rhonda hit a light switch.

Eli and Cassidy ducked down behind a low wall that would normally be used to help separate the people on the second floor of the auditorium from falling down onto the first floor.

"Split up! Look for them!" he heard Rhonda's voice call out.

"What do we do?" Cassidy asked again.

Eli put a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. "Firstly, we're unarmed, so we can't take them by force. We need to escape the auditorium and call for backup. But Rhonda took my phone."

He looked at his hand, with Cassidy's necklace still in it. "Here. Nice plan with the necklace by the way."

In spite of everything, Cassidy smiled, taking the necklace from Eli. "Thanks."

Footsteps were approaching. Someone was coming up onto the second floor and whether it was Scott or Rhonda didn't matter, both mother and son would try to kill them.

"Stay down," Eli whispered, his arm around Cassidy protectively as they hid behind the low wall.

Eli risked a quick peek.

It was Scott, his gun out and swiveling around, looking for them.

"It's Scott. Now, I'm going to jump out and attack him. When he drops his gun, pick it up and shoot, okay? I'm counting on you, Cassidy," Eli said.

But before either of them got a chance, the two of them peeked their heads out just in time to see someone else jump out from behind a seat and pounce onto Scott.


Jonah Whitley

Jonah pounced onto Scott, the kitchen knife now in hand. Scott stumbled around, cursing and trying to shake Jonah off his back. But Jonah refused to let go.

"Get off me!" Scott spat, crashing into the wall, trying to knock Jonah off.

"You killed Ponnie!" Jonah yelled. "I'm not letting go!"

With a strength he didn't know he had, Jonah raised the hand clutching the knife and plunged it down into Scott's shoulder.


Scott yelled out in pain and, with one last heave, managed to throw Jonah off with tremendous strength. Jonah flew across, slamming into a nearby wall.

Scott picked up the gun from the floor where he'd dropped it, pulling the knife out of his shoulder and yelling in pain as he did so. He wiped a trickle of blood from his lip with the back of his hand. He smiled, his hair tangled up in sweat and a mad look in his eyes.

He raised the gun at Jonah.

"You. It's always you," Scott panted, his finger trembling on the trigger. "You took Ponnie away from me."

"No. YOU took her away from me!" Jonah growled.

"Doesn't matter. Now neither of us have her. But I'll do you a favor. You can go see her in the Underworld," Scott spat.

He poised the gun, ready to fire when Eli lunged out from his hiding spot and tackled Scott around the shoulder. Eli forced Scott to turn around and the gun went flying into the air, landing at Jonah's feet.

Scott slammed an elbow into Eli's gut and bashed him repeatedly in the face. Eli fell back and Scott kicked him in the shins.

Scott picked up the kitchen knife that Jonah had stabbed him with, grabbing Eli by the neck and raising the knife, poising it to stab down into the grown man's heart.

"Any last words, Detective?" Scott taunted.

He raised the knife.


Scott jerked back, an explosion of blood coating Eli as the bullet sunk itself into Scott's forehead. For a moment, Scott appeared stunned. Then his eyes glazed over. He dropped the knife and collapsed onto the floor next to Eli.

Eli struggled to his feet.

Jonah stood there, the gun in his hand pointed at Scott's body. He let the gun fall to the floor. "That was for Ponnie, you son of a bit(h."

He'd done it. Jonah had done it. He'd killed Scott.

Rhonda ran up the stairs. She took one look at Scott and screamed. Jonah remained standing. Eli, clutching Jonah's knife, began to crawl under the seats, heading back to where Cassidy was.

"Scott? didn't come all this have this happen..." Rhonda's face contorted in a mixture of grief and anger. " is all because of you..."

Rhonda looked up, directly at Jonah, who stood, back against the low wall that separated the second floor of the auditorium from the first. The gun that Jonah had just used to shoot Scott lay at his feet.

"You did this..." Rhonda growled, getting to her feet, hatred evident on her face. "You killed my son!"

Jonah didn't say anything. When it came down to it, sometimes, it was good to remain silent.

Rhonda raised her gun. There was no hesitation.


Jonah felt the bullet lodge itself in his chest. The force of it blew him backwards, flying over the low wall and falling down onto the first floor. As Jonah fell, suspended in mid-air, for a split second, he smiled to himself.

"Ponnie, I'm coming."

He'd avenged Ponnie. Scott, her killer, was dead. Soon, Jonah would be to.

Jonah could almost hear Ponnie's voice in his ears. That was just before he came into contact with the ground and broke his neck.


Eli Bensworth

Now Rhonda was a murderer. Previously, all the people she'd killed...Alex Greene, Xavier Greene...ironic as it was, they really were justified killings. She'd been killing murderers. But now, she'd willingly fired a gun at an innocent boy.

Sure, Jonah had killed Scott, but he'd been unarmed when Rhonda had shot him. By shooting him, there was no going back for Rhonda. She'd made the transition from one side of the law to the other.

Eli peeked his head out an inch to look downstairs. Jonah lay on the ground, eyes closed, blood pooling out of the hole in his chest. Even if he hadn't broken his neck in the fall, he would still be dead.

Scott was dead. Jonah was dead. He and Cassidy were trapped on the second floor of the Cliffton High auditorium. And Rhonda was no longer hesitant to shoot them.

Rhonda fired bullets wildly into the ceiling. "Come out here, you jerks! Get out here! Give me your worst, Eli! I have nothing to lose!"

Eli crept next to Cassidy, both of them hiding behind the low wall that Jonah had just smashed through.

"Get out here!" Rhonda yelled, firing again.

"How about this? You creep up behind Rhonda and cause a distraction. I'll tackle her when she's distracted," Eli whispered to Cassidy.

Cassidy nodded, her face white. "Okay."

She squeezed Eli's hand in support, then left him, creeping along the side of the low wall to double back behind Rhonda.

Rhonda was walking forward in Eli's direction. She still couldn't see him yet, but she would soon, so Cassidy had better cause that distraction fast.

"Be a man!" Rhonda yelled. "Come out! Show yourself!"

Eli flinched.

Rhonda wheeled around as, from somewhere behind her, she heard a noise. It was Cassidy, purposefully whacking her shoe on the ground to distract Rhonda.

Eli took the opportunity. Leaping up, he lunged for Rhonda's gun. Rhonda turned around at the last second just as Eli grabbed her gun. The two partners began to grapple for the gun.

"Is this how it's going to be, Eli?" Rhonda yelled, trying to pry his fingers off her hand.

Rhonda stomped on Eli's foot and bashed the butt of her gun into the side of his head.

Tired and worn out both physically and mentally, Eli crashed onto the ground. Rhonda stood over him, her gun looming up to aim directly at his forehead. There would be no missing the target in this.

"You're going to die, Eli," Rhonda spat.

"No, he's not!"

Cassidy lunged up behind Rhonda, sinking Jonah's knife into the back of her shoulder, dangerously close to her jugular. Rhonda howled in anger, elbowing Cassidy in the face so hard that Cassidy flew backward and landed on her back.

Rhonda winced, pulling the knife out of her back, raising the gun at Cassidy.

"You'll die too!" Rhonda spat. "You'll die! All of you will die!"

"She's not going to die!"

Rhonda turned around, her gun still pointed at Cassidy, to see Eli pointing Scott's gun at her.

With Rhonda looking at Eli, Cassidy hurriedly crept away.

"This is how it's going to end, Rhonda," Eli spat.

The two of them stared at each other. Rhonda's gun was uselessly pointed at the ground where Cassidy had been. Eli's gun was trained on her.

Rhonda looked Eli dead in the eyes. "Is it, Eli?"

Eli looked down the gun at Rhonda and his mind was filled with dozens of memories. Him and Rhonda working their first case together 10 years ago. Him and Rhonda out on stakeouts or staying late at the precinct, filling up piles and piles of paperwork. Him and Rhonda eating dinner at the Mr Vito's restaurant. Him and Rhonda in the interrogation room.

Rhonda saving him from Alex Greene, then saving him from Xavier Greene. Rhonda, Eli's partner for a whole decade. Rhonda, always so sassy and sarcastic, yet Eli's rock, keeping him steady. Rhonda, his friend.

"Kill me," Rhonda muttered.

She'd let her gun drop and there were tears filling her eyes. "I'm a murderer. Xavier was right, Eli. I am."

"I won't play your game, Rhonda," Eli protested, he himself dangerously close to tears. "This isn't a justified shooting."

Rhonda shot him a watery smile. "Fine."

She bent down slowly and picked up her gun. Slowly, she raised it at Eli, but put the safety catch setting on.

"I won't shoot you, Eli. I have no reason to. My son is dead. I'm a criminal. Let me be with my son, Eli," Rhonda said, the tears falling down her cheeks. "Please, Eli. Please. Shoot me."

Rhonda raised the gun. "See? My gun's raised. It's a justified shooting. Now shoot me. Please. Let me be with Scott. Eli, please."

Eli bit his lip, the tears already leaking over his eyes. "You...want me to kill you. I can't do that."

Rhonda shook her head. "Do it for me, Eli. One last favor..."

Eli bit his lip so hard he drew blood. "I won't play your game, Rhonda."

"If you don't do it, I'll do it myself," Rhonda spat, putting the gun up against her forehead.

Eli's hands shook as he struggled to keep his gun steady.

"Goodbye, Rhonda."



Cassidy Hoskins

Cassidy picked herself up off the ground. Eli stood there, his back to her, his gun smoking. She couldn't see Rhonda anymore.

Eli turned around to see her and she saw he was crying.

"Cassidy, are you alright?"

Cassidy nodded, smiling slightly. It was only now that she realized something. The voice from the blue hadn't belonged to Scott. It had belonged to Eli.

Eli put his arm around Cassidy and, for once, Cassidy realized, it felt like having a father all over again.

"I got you, girl. I got you. Come on. Let's leave," Eli said to Cassidy and she nodded numbly.

Eli led Cassidy along, towards the stairs. As they walked, Cassidy looked around.

She looked down at Scott, lying where he'd fallen. Despite everything that he'd done, there was still a slight pang in her heart as Cassidy looked at the boy.

Eli led her down to the lower floor of the auditorium and they passed Jonah's crumpled form.

Cassidy looked down at Ponnie's boyfriend. He looked peaceful, even in death. Cassidy's eyes filled up with tears.

So many people dead...and she'd been a part of all this. Jonah had given up his own life to avenge the girl he'd loved. He didn't deserve to die. Ponnie hadn't deserved to die.

Now Cassidy reflected on how she'd treated the pair of them and the tears came rolling down again. Her father had gone...Sylvia had gone too...

As Eli and Cassidy limped over to the doors of the auditorium and Cassidy knew she'd have to step out to face the paparazzi who would all be clamoring to get her and Eli's intake on what had happened, Cassidy took a shaky breath. Her loved ones hadn't all gone. She had Rosa, and now she had Eli too.

Whatever came down the road, she was ready for it. She'd faced down and been through so much. There was no obstacle she couldn't surpass.

Cassidy was ready.


A/N: I hope this story has helped to touch your heart in some ways. This is the end...of Don't Scream. I think I'm very satisfied with the way I've ended this story. I love it. Thank you, all readers, and all the people who've given me support throughout this journey! And I'm sorry if any of you cried...but just remember, it's only a story! :D

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