Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Author's Note:
Hello! This is the first (and most successful) solo-author story I've written so far! Click the link below to read an interview I did with my friend Allison regarding the story.


Anyway, I would really appreciate your support and/or constructive criticism. I've completed this story and I hope you'll like it!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading! ~ AwesomeOK1

Chapter 3

Jonah Whitley

That morning, Jonah awoke not to the alarm clock or to the light of the sun across his face, but instead to nature.

As soon as he heard the telltale chirping of the sparrows in the treetops, his eyes snapped open, his brain fresh and ready for the day.

Jonah had an artistic soul. He was one of those people who appreciated the tiniest things that others would take for granted.

While other teenagers fussed over their clothes and the latest song albums and movies, Jonah would be busy taking entrancing pictures of the sunset as it colored the sky and sea with an variety of red tones, or perhaps snapping photos of dew drops dripping off a leaf in the light of the morning.

Jonah cared for nothing else.
He would come to school in whatever clothes he would find in his closet; which was close to nothing, whether they were of fashionable choice or not. His bag would be packed with his books and finished homework, which he would have painstakingly worked hard over.

Jonah considered rule-breaking as a mighty offence. He'd never hand over homework late. He'd never want to be late to school. And he'd never dare get a detention. His detention-free streak had begun since the days of kindergarten, and it was due to his strict guidelines to not break rules that kept his streak alive and unbroken.

Jonah stuck to his morals so strongly that he refused to even chew gum in class. When someone tried to get him to pass on a note to the person next to him, Jonah would immediately call him out to the teacher for passing notes. This went on to such an extent that when someone wanted to pass notes in class, he would have to throw his note over Jonah's head to the next person to pass it on.

As much as his rules made other people annoyed, Jonah stuck to his rules still, and to his monotonous routine even more fiercely.
Day after day, he'd wake up at 7:00 by the sparrow's crowing. Then he'd wash up, get dressed and polish off his breakfast in under 10 minutes. Refusing to take any form of public transport, Jonah would walk to school, even though it was quite a distance away. Once, when Jonah was asked why he wanted to walk to school, his answer would be: "For the scenery."

It was true. Jonah would take the time as he walked to school to admire the nature around him. In a sense, Jonah was violently appreciative of nature. After school, it was back home to finish his homework. But after his work was done, Jonah would spend his time studying some more. His whole life revolved around his academics and nature, and the only time Jonah would actually laze back and watch TV would probably only be once or twice during the holidays or on his birthday.

Jonah was no more than a machine. A machine who hadn't hit his growth spurt yet.
It was humiliating. While Jonah tended to keep his feelings to himself and not take more than mild interest in non-academic related subjects, the one thing he often felt ashamed of was that he was probably the shortest kid in school and possibly the neighborhood.

He sucked at Phys Ed and was often ridiculed for being a short, boring kid who never took interest in anything else.

Jonah often asked himself why he chose to lead his life this way. But there simply wasn't another reason to divert away from his normal routine. And so Jonah would carry on living his life the same way day after day.

One small advantage from being boring was that Jonah was never teased or bullied at school. Mainly because the bullies found that bullying Jonah was/...boring./

Jonah didn't squeal or yell if the bullies took his backpack. He would just walk off and tell a teacher. Jonah didn't show any anger or embarrassment when people teased him in class. He'd just raise his hand and report to the teacher.

There was one time before, when a bully named Gregory Tiff got mad at Jonah because Jonah had reported him to the teacher for calling him names. Gregory thought that if he cornered Jonah after school, he could get revenge without being reported to the teachers. So he beat Jonah up after school hours and threatened Jonah not to tell the teachers.

Jonah told the teachers anyway and the next day, Gregory was suspended. Gregory was furious and he beat Jonah up on the second day, telling Jonah that if he reported him a second time, Gregory would continuously beat him up day after day.

Much good that did him. Jonah told Gregory's parents and the Tiff family moved to another neighborhood.

Thus, no one bothered Jonah. At school, apart from the teachers, no one bothered him or spoke to him and he was hardly ever noticed by anyone. He was simply a nobody.

The only time anyone could get away with teasing Jonah was as mentioned before, during Phys Ed. It was the only lesson in which the teachers allowed Jonah to be teased, saying it was a motivation to become taller and fitter.

But Jonah was happy not to be bullied. It was the advantage of the way Jonah chose to live his life.

And Jonah would always ask himself: No matter how small the advantage, it's still an advantage, right?

But Jonah could never find an answer that would feel right.

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