Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Author's Note:
Hello! This is the first (and most successful) solo-author story I've written so far! Click the link below to read an interview I did with my friend Allison regarding the story.


Anyway, I would really appreciate your support and/or constructive criticism. I've completed this story and I hope you'll like it!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading! ~ AwesomeOK1

Chapter 2

Cassidy Hoskins

Cassidy's first day of high school was just the way she expected it. Everything was all a mundane blur. When she walked into the school, everything she anticipated to see was before her.

Plastered upon the faded limestone walls were posters and banners alike, all displaying slogans and catchphrases, though whichever moral they were trying to make aware was lost on the teenagers.

Smoking is bad. Say No! to drugs. Stop Bullying.

What. A. Joke.

No one read the posters, and if they did, they wouldn't bother understanding them.

As for the schoolkids, Cassidy saw what she knew would be in a high school. The popular clique was bullying the nerds, the jocks were showing off to the cheerleaders and the emo kids hung out by the lockers, attempting to blend in with the backdrop.

Such a disappointment, and I expected something new.

Cassidy's plan on high school was simple. To survive something as 'political' as high school, she had to remember the three Gs.

Get popular.
Get available.
Get into a club.

It was all the routine she knew. When you are popular, school life was easy. As long as you were above others in terms of social status, then you would not be the one being bullied all the time.

As for availability, Cassidy was thinking of boys. She had to clarify to all the popular boys that she was available. Cassidy had etched into her mind the following law.

If you're dating a hot boy, then you're home-free.

Being a very calculative person, Cassidy evaluated every boy she passed in terms of whether he would be a good fit to be her boyfriend.
And the best place to do so was in the classroom.
There would be great oppurtunities to meet boyfriend material there. All she had to do was slip a few notes, look uber-hot and make a well-timed reference to some hobbies of the targeted boy.
Score one to Cassidy.

Walking to her new locker, she typed in the combination given to her and tried to lug the locker open. With a grunt from her and a creak from the locekr, it burst open in a shower of dust.

Cassidy lowered her head slightly, looking left and right out of the corner of her eyes. It was unlikely anyone noticed her blunder with her locker compared to the hustle and bustle of the first day of school, but she felt the need to check anyway.

Turning back to her locker, Cassidy wrinkled her nose in disgust. The locker was not particularly filthy in any way, but it was rusty and coated with a fine layer of dust. Cassidy made a mental note to herself that she would come clean out her locker tomorrow with a bunch of cleaning supplies.

Deciding not to put her stuff inside the locker just yet, Cassidy instead decided to head to the classroom first. If she got there early, she just might find a seat next to a hot boy.

"Mrs Mackelroy." Cassidy read off the door as she approached Classroom 1E.

Stepping in confidently, her eyes swiftly roved over the tables, searching for the perfect seat.

The classroom was about the size of a small apartment, with a noticeboard stretching over the full length of the wall. Thumbtacked on it were the usual newspaper clippings and commended compositions you'd see in an average classroom.

Glistening sunlight and a serene summer breeze were filtering in through the window panes, giving the tables by the windows the highest order of desirability.
Yet each table by the windows were full.

In fact, already, the class was half-full, with the back row fully occupied by jocks and the window seats all taken by a cluster of girls.

Cassidy was observant. She couldn't just choose to sit next to any random guy, because who knows whether he was popular or not. He could just be an athletic guy with no sense of humour or romance.

Cassidy decided the best course of action was first to sit next to one of the cheerleaders, befriend the cheerleader by impressing her on how 'in' she was, then find out about the jocks and their pros and cons. Once that was done, in her next class, Cassidy could sit next to the targeted boy and get to work on winning his heart.

With an imperceptibly wry smile on her face, Cassidy spotted a girl in the third row. She was dressed in impeccable fashion, her clothes totally matching her hair and body.


Confidently, Cassidy walked across the room and sat next to the girl.

"H-hey there! I'm Cassidy Hoskins and I just wanted to say that that skirt you're wearing totally brings out the color of your eyes." Cassidy breathed.

Despite the confident aura she had projected earlier, Cassidy had stumbled on her words and she had probably been too direct with complimenting the other girl. But hopefully, her being direct would be mistaken for appreciaton of the girl's fashion choice.

The girl turned to look at Cassidy.
She was a blonde, with hair that just touched her shoulders; long, limber arms that would be plenty useful for sports such as cheerleading; and an angelic face with near-perfect features which could only be the result of a daily facial treatments.

"Oh, thanks! You're sweet." she said. Her voice was high but not too high, and her manner of speaking sounded uncertain but interested to Cassidy.

She's assessing me. Cassidy thought.

"My name's Sylvia Thorne." the girl introduced.

While Cassidy kept her poker-face on, inside, her heart was beating fast in her chest. What now? How do I continue the conversation? Oh godd!!

Cassidy took a deep breath silently.
Concentrate, Cassidy. She's just a girl, like you. Appeal to her interests and compliment her to win her over. Then direct the topic to boys.

Cassidy forced a convincing smile.
"Nice to meet you! I'm so excited to start here at Cliffton High, you?"

Sylvia shrugged.
"Yeah, kinda. I've got a lot of aspirations to start off the school year. I was thinking perhaps of joining the cheerleading team."

"Really? You'd be a shoo-in for the team cause you are like, so limber." Cassidy complimented. It didn't matter whether or not Slyvia was limber, Cassidy would have complimented her anyway.
But in this case, Cassidy honestly thought Sylvia would be a great cheerleader with those long arms and legs.

Sylvia beamed.
"Aw, that's really nice of you, Cassidy. Maybe I ought to keep you around just to compliment me."

Cassidy wasn't sure what to make of that statement, so she didn't press too much on it.
She was about to change the subject to boys when Sylvia made her move first.

"What about you? Aspirations? Got your eye on a boy?" she asked.

Cassidy kept her poker-face on, but she was starting to lighten up inside.

"Y-yeah! I mean, no. Um, well, I don't know many boys yet, really." Cassidy mumbled, biting her lip as she cursed herself for messing up her speech.

"Well, personally I think Jack over there is like, TBM. So hot." Sylvia said.

Cassidy nodded, looking over to where Jack was seated. He was dressed in a green Tee that showed off his muscular stature and Levi Jeans which matched the color of his eyes. His sneakers were also fashionable, well-maintained and looking as if they had just been bought yesterday, which might have been true.

Jack was definitely categorised into 'Athletic and Fashionable' for the pros section, but Cassidy was hesitant to go after him as boyfriend material.

It would be better to wait and see whether anyone's better for me. she thought.

But as she turned away from Jack, she let a tiny smile appear over her poker face.

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