Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Don't Scream (A Completed Original Story)

Author's Note:
Hello! This is the first (and most successful) solo-author story I've written so far! Click the link below to read an interview I did with my friend Allison regarding the story.


Anyway, I would really appreciate your support and/or constructive criticism. I've completed this story and I hope you'll like it!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading! ~ AwesomeOK1

Chapter 1


Cassidy Hoskins is just another stereoytpe of a boring high school girl whose only concerns include cheerleading, boys and popularity. As she starts her first year at Cliffton High, it seems that her life will continue to take the same boring route that most high school girls take. But as the year progresses, Cassidy finds her life taking twists for both the better and the worse.

Also from Cliffton High is sophomore student, Jonah Whitley. In contrast to Cassidy, Jonah's only concern is his academics and he prioritizes his studies above all else. So when Jonah finds that he begins to feel attractions to a certain girl in his class, Jonah suddenly doesn't know how to prioritize anymore and his grades begin to slip downhill.

Meanwhile, on a supposedly 'unrelated' topic, Eli Bensworth is a SFPD detective who has worked on the force for 9 years. Most of the time, he solves his cases undercover and has put many criminals behind bars. As his 10-year anniversary on the force approaches, Eli and his partner take on a spree of other challenging cases which involves brutal murders in the streets of San Fransisco.

If you have already read the whole of Don't Scream, check out the sequel story, Don't Struggle, by clicking the following link :).

Don't Struggle (Don't Scream, Part II):

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