Profile Theme contest! [Contest closed]

Chapter 1

Profile Theme contest!

So, I was just re-theming my profile and I thought it would be fun to have a Profile Theme contest. I don’t know how many people will want to enter, but I'm hoping there are a good number of people interested. :]

The rules are very simple, just comment saying that you want to enter, and I'll put your name on the list. (It will be in chapter 2) The deadline is next Saturday, (The 23rd) and I will announce the winners on the 24th or the 25th. (Please keep your theme up until then.)

There are no rules as to what you have to theme your profile to. But I’m picking the winners based on:



-Pictures (Profile and Background)

-Colors (Text, Borders, etc.)


-Your Nickname

So basically, pick a very original and creative theme and make everything on your profile match.

But just a little warning to you guys, I can get a little OCD when it comes to matching colors, (Just ask Tiffany. :P) and I spend a lot of time making sure all my profile colors match! So please, take your time when picking your colors, and I promise I’ll give lots of points for good colors! XD

You are allowed to enter the theme you have now. (You do not necessarily have to pick something new.) As long as you think whatever you have as a theme right now is original enough.

One Thing (XD) I should mention, is that I'd prefer if you didn't pick a theme based on a Fandom, (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, One Direction, etc.) because I don’t think those kind of profiles very original. You are allowed to theme based on a Fandom, but if you do please be very original with it and do something that people have never seen before.

But I should also mention that I haven’t read Harry Potter, so if you pick that as your theme, I won’t really be able to judge you fairly. (I know lots of people do Harry Potter themes.)

I really have no clue what the Prizes should be…. But please let me know if you have any ideas for prizes!

Last thing, when you comment saying you’re going to enter, please let me know if you have the theme you want entered in the profile up or not. (So I don’t accidentally judge the wrong theme!)

Please feel free to ask any questions! :]

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