Turns Out Maybelline Was Just Looking For Attention.

Chapter 1

gawd people...

by: 68687
So. Sooo... Turns around in leather black chair petting cat

Turns out that Maybelline killing herself was all a scam to just get all you mad at Alex or something. I dunno why.

Okay, so Alex broke up with Maybelline, and she took it all wrong. He wanted to just be friends for his won reasons, nothing against her or anything. She claims that he lied to her any everything. Well... He had too. This is a rough of what happened. And, don't come hating on me.

Maybelline, she justed wanted attention. Sure she might have been amazing to all of you guys and everything, but I thought something was weird.

Like who the hell is with her, allowing her to kill herself, and then posting it on Quibblo? Like, really?

Okay Maybelline, you go kill yourself, and I'll cry for you on Quibblo. Okay?

No. No fvcking way. She did this all. Trying to scare us to shiit and getting out sympathy and pity or whatever.

So, really, I'm on Alex's side.

PS: Before you biitch out, let me say: I belive in what I say. So suck on that XD



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