I am SO not a sidekick! (a superhero fan fiction)

Yet another one of my ideas... this one is actually based off of a dream I had. Enjoy.

This will be a crossover of at least two superheroes...

PS. This one has a soundtrack for each chapter.

Chapter 1

Nobody Can Fix Me If I'm Part of the Problem...

Soundtrack: "Believe" by Hollywood Undead

It started out as a normal day.

Of course, I have a lose definition of "normal". I dropped out of school in 9th grade- my teachers said I didn't "apply myself", but really I was just bored. After dropping out, it took me less than a year and a half to finish high school via homeschooling. Now, at 17, I should have been a junior. Instead, I was taking college-level math and science classes online every day. Which meant I did most of my schoolwork between 7:00 and 10:00 pm.

My dad was the only person who knew I wasn't an ignorant drop out. Not that he cared much either way. My father was a thug, a hired gun. He worked security for any understaffed business in the city- legal and otherwise.He worked a lot of late nights, and often went weeks between jobs. When he was home, he spent most of his time watching TV in his room.

He was between jobs right now, which meant we needed some extra cash. I sighed as I rolled out of bed. I hate stealing, but when times are tough you do what you have to to survive.

I faced my reflection in the mirror. My amber-colored eyes (they're not quite brown, not quite gold) blinked back at me. I reach up to pull the elastic off of my brown hair, which descended like a curtain to fall nearly to my hips. My mom always liked short hair, so even after she left I made a point of keeping mine long.

I shucked off my Hello Kitty pajama shorts and old oversized black T shirt. I walked over to my dresser (I don't have a closet in my room) and selected skinny jeans and a grey tank top. I brushed my hair, slid my feet into black leather boots, and shrugged into a black denim jacket.

Downstairs, I skipped into the kitchen, grabbing an apple for a quick breakfast. I strode to the table and frowned. Sitting on top of my computer programming book was a folded slip of paper. I picked it up and read my dad's scrawled message:

Unexpected job offer. Shift ends at midnight. See you then.

On the back was an address. I shoved the paper into my pocket, and stepped out the door, into Gotham City.

Yeah, you've probably heard of Gotham. There are some pretty messed up people lurking in the shadows, but I try not to let it bother me. My dad and I live in a rough area, where the little old lady across the street is a "retired" con artist, the ten year old next door is a gang member, and the guy down the street sells drugs on street corners. It's not surprising that I know Karate, some Tae Kwon Do, and a ton of streetfighting moves. A girl's gotta defend herself.


I wandered over to a quiet, residential area, where the stores were more relaxed about security. I walked into a convenience store, walking confidently over to the counter.

"May I use your restroom?" I asked the cashier with a sugary smile.

He grunted and turned to unlock it. I quickly swept four cigarette lighters from the counter into my purse while his back was to me.

In the bathroom, I slid the door shut and locked it. I scanned the room. It smelled faintly of cigarette smoke, it wasn't very interesting. I opened the cabinet under the sink and grinned. Bingo. Cleaning supplies. I slipped two bottles into my bag.

I'm not a kleptomaniac or anything. I hate being a thief. But I had been living off of cereal and bruised apples for a week. I needed food money.

As I was leaving the fourth convenience store, I muttered a curse under my breath. Six guys in black leather were approaching me. A gang. I knew them, because they bought dope from my neighbor. I also knew that they liked messing with defenseless females.

I turned and ran into an alley, eyes searching for a fire escape. I found one, and started scaling it at top speed. I pulled myself onto the flat rooftop, and sprinted to the other side. I leapt over the small gap between buildings, landing on the roof next door. I kept going until I was down the street, several buildings behind the gang. I climbed down another fire escape and started speedwalking in the opposite direction.


An hour later, I arrived at the old warehouse that housed "Sal's Market", an affectionate name for my neighborhood black market. The guy who ran it, Sal, must have been at least 65, but he kept busy and operated a flourishing market. Sometimes my dad came by as a buyer. Today though, I was selling.

I wandered around the two dozen or so tables, each overflowing with illegally obtained merchandise. Anything from gasoline to boxed potatoes to firearms, you could get at one of these "booths".

I made my way over to Cynthia's table last. Cynthia is a blonde woman, not much older than thirty, who runs the "weapons department" at Sal's. I slapped a red handled pocket knife on the table.

"Ten bucks." She said after a quick glance.

"C'mon, it was selling for more than Twenty." I put a hand on my hip. Cynthia always named a ridiculously low price when buying goods. But, she was perfectly willing to haggle it out.

"I'll give you fourteen."

"Seventeen fifty."

"Sixteen." Cynthia crossed her arms.

I sighed. "I'll take it. I'm desperate." I handed over the knife, and received a few wrinkled bills.

"Your dad working tonight?" Cynthia added the knife to her - already quite large - display.

I nodded. "Why? What's up?" Cynthia knew more about Gotham's underworld happenings than any news reporter.

She leaned in and whispered. "There's a turf war brewing. The Drug lords are gonna have a throw down over territory any day now. They're all looking to hire extra muscle. But-" she leaned closer. "- I've also heard the police have a man on the inside."

"So? The police can't touch the big crime lords, and we all know it."

"They can't. But he can."

I rolled my eyes. "Please. Don't even start about that 'Batman' crap." I made air quotes around the supposed hero's name. "He's just a vigilante. He does what he wants, just like everyone else in this city."

I was certain everything would be fine, that my life would continue as normal.

I was wrong.

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