Hey guys, it's been a long time :P (Read if you wanna talk to me again)

Chapter 1

Well Hi Dere :3

by: jellybab
So yeah, I'm back, well not really, just popping in I guess, I haven't been on here for.. ages.. I'm sure none of you have missed me that much though :P Umm.. well I'm now on a site caled deviantART.. I post some art, I try (and fail) to write stories.. given up on the two I started xD So yeah, if you wanna talk to me, you can find me on there(: I'm on there eveyday like all day most of the time so here's the link to my page: http://xmadlyinlovex.deviantart.com/
There ya go, so yeah, just send me a message, tell me you're from quibblo and we used to talk or if you just wanna talk randomly just say and yea, we can be friends ^_^ And please, no haters on there, saying that my art is crappy, I know it is anyway :P Or just generally putting me down, alright? I've had enough drama so yeha.. and I'll just block you anyways so there is really no point..

Umm, about an issue a girl.. or guy I don't know brought up that I've noticed going through my messages just now, about the fanfics I posted up.. the Twilight ones.. I specifically said in the intro that the stories were not mine, when I could I replied to people's comments when they said "You're such a great writer" that they weren't mine and I didn't see a problem with it.. my figuring was that you lot were enjoying it, no complaints, and I figured that if I had just given you guys a link saying to go read it you wouldn't of.. I dunno, it's what I would do anyway, but yeah, this person seemed really angry about it and saying people could sue, so I am sorry, I did it purely for the enjoyment of the readers and yea, I didn't want to steal it or anything, I just wanted other people to enjoy it and I kind of wanted to follow the story with them again and see their reactions and stuff, but yea, I'm sorry, here are all of the stories I posted up: http://www.fanfiction.net/community/Good-Completed-Twilight-Fiction/57325/3/0/8/0/0/0/0/
Go through the pages backwards, bottom to the top and they're all their.. just easier so I don't have to post all the credits.. and yeah.. you should read all of the stories, so the ones I haven't posted check it out(: Seriously, I've re-read every single one of them like 5 times.. :P So yeah, again, sorry, but I'm not doing it anymore and I've just gave credit so it's all good now I should assume

So thank you for reading, you know now where to find me, an issue has been cleared up and you can now read some more wonderful twilight fanfics without having to wait for chapters and stuff and having the original there..

So yeah, talk to me on deviantART if you want, if you don't have a deviantART account and don't wanna make one, then I guess I can try and come on here more, maybe once a week? Or once a month, maybe, see ya(:

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