Thank you lord! I praise you

Chapter 1

You are faithful!

Thank you Jesus! You are the most impressive thing in the universe, heck, u created the universe! You have remained faithful all through my life! You have provided me with more than enough! Not only have you done things for me but also everyone! You were bruised, battered, and killed for my sake. You make Super man look like a child! You have promised to protect me and all christians in our time of need! You have brought me through the impossible! You have given me so many things! Studio Beats, Iphone 5, P90X, Limitless Victory, Valuable Colectables, and you continue bring me More! I love you more than any thing Jesus! You have broken every chain! You have healed the sick and injurred right before my eyes! You have enabled me to do the same! You have given me popularity, and wisedom. No one can compare to you Lord! You are the only one who forgives and honestly forgets. With all the mistakes ive made u remain faithful! You have given me freedom and love and joy and peace! You have given us all dominion over this earth! THANK YOU JESUS! Because of you, i can heal the sick, raise the dead, comand mony, command this world to my liking! There is truly no one like you! I will forever sing your praises. The list is endless of what you have done! Youve made it soo easy to enter into your kingdom! All you have to do is beleive in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the sun of god. And he rose on the third day! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! If you are not enjoying the same things i am or better, contact me and lets pray! Thank You Lord Jesus!


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