another! ipod shuffle re-post!!!!!!!

these are so much fun! you don't really need an ipod to do this, you can use the radio or you can even use ur youtube play list on shuffle! these are a good waste of time and some make sense go do it now!

Chapter 1

every day i'm shuffling!

1.How Are You Feeling Today?
Unbreakable - Nightcore version
hm ok that makes sense

2.Will I get Far In Life?
Click Click Boom - Nightcore version
does that mean a no?

3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?
Gave it all away - Nightcore version
hmmm.... ok

4. What is or Was High School Like?
Gorgeouse Nightmare - Escape the Fate
lol! ok.

5.What is The Best Thing About Me?
Me against the world - Nightcore version
oh.... no -.-

6.How Was Yesterday?
Shout it out - Reece Mastin
is that good or bad?

7.What is my Love Life Like?
Love like Woe - Nightcore Version
oh god... really? why is all my Nightcore stuff playing! I want pierce the vale!

8.What will my Parents Say To me?
The Real Slim Shady - Eminem
really? am i? ok awesome!

9.What Song Will They Play On My Funeral?
Without me - Eminem
oh lol! awesome! best song! :P YAY! it will feel empty without me

10.How Does The World See Me?
Shes a Rebel - Green day
oh lol! they are making sense! i love my play list! :P

11. What Do My Friends Really Think Of Me?
Till I collapse - Eminem
o.o oh ok....

12.What Secret Is The World Keeping From Me?
Not good enough for truth in cliche - Escape the Fate
hm, well then thats mean

13. How Do I make Myself Happy?
Kick in the teeth - Papa Roach
i don't think that is a good way to make your self happy....

14.What Should I Do With My Life?
Shake it - Metro station
oh lol! okay!

15.Will I Have Children?
I love rock n roll - Nightcore version
hm.... just no

16. What is Good Advice?
You're gonna go far kid - Nightcore version
ye, i agree with that.

17.What does everyone Else Think Of My Current Life?
Bullet - Hollywood Undead
oh.... crap?

18.What Type Of Men or Women Do I like?
Dead in Ditches - Hollywood Undead
no! not good! lol

19.Where Will I Live?
Fack - Eminem
oh yuck!

20.What Will My Dying Words Be?
Getting away with murder - Nightcore version
ah! lolz! last time i got i don't wanna die lolz!

21.What scares you the most?
You're going down - Nightcore version
that is a little freaky....

22. If you knew that you'd die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are?
Hell above - Pierce the Veil
I take that as a no the?

23. What do you think is the single best decision you've made in your life so far?
Bad boy - Nightcore version
oh really? where is all my non-nightcore music? come on!

24.what do you do on a cold day?
Rock that Body - Nightcore version
oh god! and seriously! more nightcore?

25. What is my motto?
Shut me up - Mindless self Indulgence
oh no! when i asked for non-nightcore i didn't want this!!!!! XP lol ok.... now u can shut me up!


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