I know most of you don't read anything I send but can you pleeaassseee read this?


Chapter 1


So next year I go to highschool. I couldn't wait to go to the one I'm going to it has almost all my friends and everything I want except one thing. It doesn't have this early college thing like this other highschool does. If you last through freshman year to a senior you get 2 years of college so you save money and get college credit. I really wanna be in this. But you have to transfer to this one school I'm origanlly supposed to go to since I live near it. I really don't wanna transfer and leave most of my friends and go to another highschool where I only know some people. I've asked a couple of my friends and 3 of them told me not and 1 told me I should (because he's in the program and goes to that school) So what do you think I should do I have no clue right now and if we want to be in it we have to sign up by wensday. Also I wonder if the guy who doesn't like me will be in. If he's going to the one I'm supposed to go Im going to the one with the college plan.


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