Ballerinas in Training

Name: Sari Granger
Personality: nice, good at ballet, friendly, sarcastic
Looks: African American, wears a bun always, glasses, tall, graceful
Friends: everyone except LaDeysha Williams
Extra: doesn't like LaDeysha because she's better, buts working on it

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

" Back straight, suck in your gut, " my ballet teacher commanded. I obeyed, but she ignored me. " Great, LaDeysha. You will defininetly make Swan Lake. " I implored LaDeysha to stop being so perfect. The music ended. I demi-pliéd, and stretched. " Sari, keep your hand on the bar. " Mrs. Pike said, glaring. LaDeysha turned and shot me a triumphant look.

After dance class, I left to my dorm, leaving my friend Keelie trailing behind. She caught up to me a second later. " Sari, that was the best ballet you've done, ever " she exclaimed. I nodded misrably. " Mrs. Pike obviously doesn't think so. " I sniffled. " Sari Granger, I cannot believe this is you! You are the best, and LaDeysha is just being a teachers pet. " I looked at her. " Mrs. Pike said LaDeysha would probably make Swan Lake. "

" So? " Keelie said, " You will too. "

" There's a difference. LaDeysha will be the Prima Ballerina, and I will be in the ensemble. " I said. Keelie took my hand. " Sari, Mrs. Pike knows your the best. She just wants LaDeysha to do the best she can. She doesn't say anything to you because she knows your the best! " I cheered up a bit.

" Oh girls! Talking behind people's backs isnt very nice! " I heard LaDeysha's triumphant voice about a meter behind. " I'm the best, and Mrs. Pike knows it. You ought to give up. I'm going to get the prima ballerina spot for Swan Lake. " My spirits fell. I trudged off, taking off my pointe shoes. I lay them in my lucky dance bag. " Stupid bag. Haven't done a thing " I muttered under my breath.

Keelie entered the room, a moment later. " Don't let LaDeysha get you down. She's just a stupid know-it-all. " I shook my head, and sprawled across the bed. " Sari, we have dinner in 30. " Keelie called to me, as she hit the showers.

I groaned. I didn't remember, but I must have fallen asleep... I woke up to Keelie shaking me violently, yelling in my ear. " Geez, I'm up! " I shouted, holding up my hands. I dressed in my summer breezies, or short-shorts and a T-shirt, and slipped on some flats. " Ready, " I said. Keelie grabbed me and lead me out the door.

We entered the lunch room, which can only be summarized as a fun place, or the danger zone. Today, like always was the danger zone. " Sari, dear, Swan Lake tryouts are in a few days. Wouldn't count on it. " LaDeysha's friend, Reyna, smirked. LaDeysha swiveled in her seat. " I'm the best, " she breathed into my ear, " I'm the best and don't you forget it. " She pushed me away, and I staggered towards Keelie, who lead me out of the lunchroom.

I threw myself on my bed when we got back. " We'll just order some meals via intercom. " Keelie sighed. " Leave me alone. " my voice muffled in the pillows started to take on a teary quality. " You said I was good, but I'm not. I suck at ballet. I should quit! " I started to cry, and became aware of Keelie patting my back. I cried until I nodded off...

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