Bella's Adventure - An Original Story

When a child is born, they expect the best from them, but not a girl named Bella. She almost died during birth, but as her parents say it: unluckily she survived, taking away from their reckless lifestyle.

She lived with her mama, Jane, papa, George, and a little dog named Rodger. She grew up into a beautiful twelve year old girl, loved by all, but occasionally causing trouble wherever she went.

What can she say? Her curiosity just got the best of her.

Chapter 1

First Mistake

"Hurry up or you'll miss the bus!" shouted mama. "And I feel too tired to drive you to school." she added. "Yes mama" I replied running down the stairs. When I went outside I found the bus arriving. "I made it" I cheered. "Yes!"

A big yellow bus stopped in front of me. As the doors opened I saw a fat man eating a donut. "Get in" he smiled.

I walked slowly looking for a a seat. I found one next to a Chinese kid. I could tell she was Chinese because she had small eyes.

I walked into the classroom but found no one. So I decided to make myself comfortable. I grabbed a seat at the edge of the classroom.

"So I like had my nails done in France..." bubbled one of the girls arriving in class. "Who you?" asked her partner. I figured they were friends because they both wore the same outfit.

"Hi" I smiled waving. "I'm Bella, and I'm..." I trailed off.

"In my seat" she finished. I stood and moved to the front seat.

"Hello" greeted my neighbour.

Hello" I replied calmly. All I could think about were those two girls. I mean, they looked fabulous!

"Morning class!" greeted a blonde woman. Everyone looked up. "Morning" half the class replied in unison. She gave us a signal to shut up and so we did.

"Oh!" she sustained "I see I'm not the only blonde". She called me over. And so I rised. My thoughts, "I hope I'll be popular now." She pulled me into a half hug. "Class this is Bella, Bella Rigs." she cooed. I guess she thought I was nervous.

The girls I met earlier were not even paying attention, exceppt for the Chinese girl. She was cute and really quite.

When the bell rang, everyone ran for the door. Do you know how hard it was for me to get out? No, no you don't. While I was snooping around the hall I heard a bunch of guys talking so i moved closer to listen.

"Do you know that Luke guy?" asked a tall pimpled guy. They all nodded in agreement. 'I hear he's real weasel, so just for caution, stay away." Then it went all blurry.

"Ha!" laughed a voice "It's only the new girl". When I opened my eyes I found myself in the middle of a bunch of guys. From my point of view, they looked rather huge. "How much did you hear?" asked a familiar voice. It was one of the popular girls; I mean they wore the same outfit.

I sat there quietly holding my head. It hurt really bad. "What...What did you do to me?" I stammered. She smiled evily. "We just gave you a little bop."

"Get out of the halls!" shouted a voice. Then they all ran leaving me on the floor.

"Ha!" jumped out a boy "They fell for it." I got up. "Why would you scare them like that?" I asked still holding my head.

"Well! Because they kicked me out of their group!" he explained. "So I decided to give them a little fright" he grinned evily.

"By the way, I'm Luke" he introduced. "Luke!" I was surprised. The same Luke they were talking about.

By the next week, I was exhausted. I spent the nights on my laptop. I wished I could still be on my bed, surfing the net.

"Hello!" shouted the teacher "Earth to Bella!"

Oh! I refrained my gaze. I'm sorry miss". She just smiled then moved back to the lesson. "So as I was saying who is Christopher Columbus?" She patted a small looking boy.

" was a viking?" he stammered. She clapped her hands. "Brilliant! Great effort, Jimmy!"

We were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the laboratory. Thanks to curiosity (may she be blessed), we found out that one of the older students poured sulphuric acid into his juice bottle.

My conclusion, this school wasn't as bad I thought it was.

This is going to be a group story with prcy_808

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