If you've got the time

I was thinking about telling you that i was in love with you..

Chapter 1


by: Needles
For you i would jump off a bridge,take a bullet,drink poison,kill a man. I'd do anything for you which is something i hate about myself. You see me and hug me but you don't look at me the way i do. When i see you i look at you with adoring eyes, hopping one day you'd feel the same. But that day will never come. My heart will never be whole, let's start this story to when i had just met you.

"Katie give it back!" She stuck her tug out at him running away with his toy truck. "You can't get me!" She giggled as she ran down by the lake. He ran as fast as his little legs could go. Finally he caught up with her on there father's deck. "please?" he held out his hand in hopes of his precious toy coming back into his arms. She stared at him for a moment than let out a heavy sigh. "Fine" He did a big grin and hugged his truck tightly. "Look!" His little sister pointed at a girl dangling her legs off the dock neck door. "Those are probably the new neighbors,Come on" He walked out the screen door with his little sister trailing behind him. He approached the little girl slowly. "H-Hi" He did a awkward grin and ran his left hand through his messy brown hair. The little girl lessened her grip on her doll and waved. He crouched down and smiled. "what's your name?" She slowly tucked a long strand of hair behind her ear and slowly mumbled. "Racheal.." He held out his hand,she took it and they shook hands for a couple of seconds. "Nice to meet you,i'm Daniel but everyone calls me Danny. And this is my little sister Katie." Katie glared at the little girl making her nervous. "stop" he nudged her in the side with his elbow. "So you wanna play with us Racheal?" He held out her hand and she took it helping her stand. She had on a long sundress that was a bit dirty and long brown hair that looked like it had recently been brushed through several times. "Sure,but not for to long" Danny nodded eagerly and smiled. "Let's go" They played tag for an hour or two and slowly made a bond. All three of them could not be separated until Racheal made it to 7th grade..

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