The start of something Continued

Hi guys. I have a story that i started that needs another chapter but hasn't been added to yet (it's a group story). I really liked the story, but as it is a group story i couldn't add to it. Here's my continueation of that story. this is different from the other story after the first chapter, but related.

The setting of the story starts in a magic school, much like Hogwarts, but instead of dormatories, there are cabins. Lillian is just about to start summer vacation.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

by: Irishsong
"Mom!" Lillian exclaimed. "What in the good world and sky took you so long?! You said you would be here two days ago!"
"I know sweetheart, but I had to go shopping. And then It rained, and I met some travelers and you know how horrible their lives are so I had to chat with them and sneak some money into their wagons and..."
Lillian's mother loved to chat. She sometimes did nothing but chat. And ramble. And rant. And grumble. And then she asked a question at the end of her long rambling/ ranting/ grumbling and of course you had lost track of where the conversation had been going so you could only answer by saying "... Yeah..."
Yes Lillian's mother was a bit of a nut ball, but Lillian loved her mother all the same. Her mother was almost a big version of Lillian, with the same body type and skin color, but wild, frizzy red hair that would stand out in any crowd. It peaked out under her hat.
"Well, I see you have your bags, where's the little Mittens?"
And of course the cat came running at that point. So all three of them mounted onto a broom and took off into the night sky and toward home.

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