The start of something Continued

Hi guys. I have a story that i started that needs another chapter but hasn't been added to yet (it's a group story). I really liked the story, but as it is a group story i couldn't add to it. Here's my continueation of that story. this is different from the other story after the first chapter, but related.

The setting of the story starts in a magic school, much like Hogwarts, but instead of dormatories, there are cabins. Lillian is just about to start summer vacation.

Chapter 2

Chapter two

by: Irishsong
Lillian didn't find anything to do in the lunch room. Everyone was in bunches, girls with girls, guys with guys. Lillian wasn't exactly popular, and tended to stick to herself when possible. Unless her friends were around. Marean was her best friend, and she felt that she could tell her just about anything from guys that she liked to how absolutely aggravating her father was when she visited home for holidays. It was like writing in a journal, but actually getting a response. It was great.
But as all of her friends were gone, she sat by the fireplace, pulled out a book from one of her deep pockets, and started to read.
The hours few past as she read. She looked up at one point and found that most everyone had gone to bed.
What? She thought. How could I have been reading for so long? Oh no! What if Mom Came?!
Lillian darted back to her cabin to find that her mother was not there. Mittens was not there. No one was there. Not even the rumored cleaning lady reported to be cleaning out the abandoned cabins. It was lonely. Lillian was lonely. Where was everyone?! Where was her mother who said she was going to be here two days ago?! Where were the people she needed to talk to?!
"Hi Honey." Her mother said.

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