The start of something Continued

Hi guys. I have a story that i started that needs another chapter but hasn't been added to yet (it's a group story). I really liked the story, but as it is a group story i couldn't add to it. Here's my continueation of that story. this is different from the other story after the first chapter, but related.

The setting of the story starts in a magic school, much like Hogwarts, but instead of dormatories, there are cabins. Lillian is just about to start summer vacation.

Chapter 1

Waiting evermore.

by: Irishsong
Lillian was sitting on her suit case, which meant one of three things. 1), she was going somewhere. 2), she needed something hard and somewhat flat to use as a desk or something, or three she needed to sit down when there weren't enough chairs.
Well, 2 and 3 rarely ever happened because there were drawers you could write on in emergencies when Marean was using you clip board because she had lost hers once again. (Until she stubs her toe on it while on her way back to her bed). There were always enough chairs because the cabins had ten chairs in the closet, all of which folded so thinly you had no idea they could all fit into a three foot wide compartment. But they did.
Ever since Lillian had arrived at Dragon Heart Academy, things did happen. The little forest area in the cabin had gone through its seasonal stages of fabric leaves, green, gold, gone, growing. The flowers wilted and grew back in the valley area. The covers of the water bed rippled when you touched them. And the loft never really changed. The bed still swayed like it was attached to the ceiling by ropes, but was in fact levitating. The skylight was fantastic if you liked growing plants, which Lillian wasn't particularly fond of. She would water them, and trim them, but she never started her own, she was just given the plants. She couldn't let them die.
But everyone was gone now. Marean left three days ago, then Rose left two days ago, then finally Angie. Lillian was truly alone in the cabin, which was bigger on the inside than the out by quite a bit. Mittens was a help on things like this, sitting around for Mom to magically show up out of the blue.
And both parts of that statement are true. Mom did show up magically. She used a broom. Lillian would be departing via broom stick as soon as her Mom came to get her, which was.... oh who knows when her mom was coming. Her mom and God above. That's about it.
But Mitten, her cat, knew how to make life fun. Mitten was about a year old, but she was still like a kitten inside. She got her name from the red-ish markings on her paws, and nowhere else. She was sorta cream colored. She would jump down from the loft onto the trees, which made the small dog crazy. She wove in-between your ankles but instead on making you trip because of that, she would trip, causing you to stumble. She was brave, clumsy, loveable, and Lillian’s.
The wave drawers were still there, the flowers still moved from a breeze we never could find the source of, the leaves were growing in their fragile green color, and Lillian heard the first drops of rain on the magic shield that covered the loft. Great, she thought, Flying home, in the rain. This will not be pleasant.

Around 5pm, even Mitten got up, stretched, and left to find her boycatfriend. She has a point, Lillian thought. The lunch room would still have people waiting for parents to pick them up. I might as well go join them.
So she left her suite case by the door, grabbed her purple cloak, and ran out into the still cold rain. Silly, she thought, I could have cast a shield spell...

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