User Gone Nuts (NOT A STORY)

Chapter 1

Let me Rant on this.

I have two...acquaintances on Quibblo, meaning Quibblonian friend in name only, not like I personally know these two people, online or offline.

So anyway, I'm not going to name these two users, but they had some argument.
The guy called the girl a bad name and then I think the two of them started to fight really bad through messaging or real life or something like that.

Now, honestly, if this was the first time it happened, I would feel sorry for the girl being bullied.

But...and remember this is just my opinion...but...the girl has already posted 7 suicide messages already. And not just in one day, spanning over the whole length of time she has been on Quibblo.

Honestly, Im like WTF?

The first time she was like 'I'm leaving forever!' Thankfully she didnt quit and she didnt delete.
The second time she was 'Goodbye!' and again fortunately she didnt delete.
Third time, I was starting to think like 'Again?'

Of course, once again she lied and didnt delete.

This happended 7 times and today she posted her 8th (or maybe 7th, i lost count) suicide message.

And honestly, I was muttering under my breath 'See ya.'

I'm not a heartless person, really. Sometimes, I can be mean, especially to people who piss me off, but under the surface, I generally dont want to see others hurt. Whenever I see a :( emoticon that was caused by my words, I do feel guilty. I know from experience because I've screamed and scolded about a dozen people on here, hopefully they've forgiven me.

So, as I was saying, I'm not a heartless person. The reason I posted this is not because I want to seek attention to myself, but because I want to talk to the people who keep posting suicide messages.

Dont go around toying with people like this. By posting so many lies that you're gonna commit suicide and shitt like that, all your friends will get worried about you and you may potentially ruin their whole day. Quibblo is meant for making quizzes and stories and to have fun. Quibblo is NOT a place for you to commit virtual suicide. Because by lying to people like this, you're being really selfish and immature.

So to all those people who are posting suicide messages, dont go posting stories about it, because honestly, what do you want from us? You want us to go cry and plead for you to stay and all that? Honestly, if you keep posting suicide messages and say your deleting and stuff like that, it's more likely you'll see me posting 'See ya.'

To those reading this, feel free to repost this and spread the word. And if you find that I'm being mean about this, PM me and we can discuss. Dont blast away in the comments, that's how I got a lot of negative attention myself.


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