Vampire's Love story

Chapter 1


I am a dude who doesn't know much of a human's real world.
And i'm glad.
It seems so confusing.
I go to the mirror and look at my emo long black hair with blue highlighted bangs.
I sigh and look at my yellow eyes and put contacts in.
I have to go to the store again...
This is because...
My whole family are humans. They don't know i'm a vampire.
They don't know anything..
I like it that way.
I gave them strict rules to follow.
1. Stay out of my room
2. don't get near me. It's for a good reason
3. don't wake me when i'm sleeping
and last but not least
4. Don't ask qustions
If they follow those rules i'll pretty much feel isolated.
And that's just the way I need and want it.
I go to my closet and get out my red hoodie with my favorite band on it called Blood on the dance floor. I get my black soles on and I open the door and close it behind me and head for the front door.

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