Running from History

Chapter 1

About the Character

*Name: Charlotte "Rory" Layla Tommason;

Age: 14 1/2;

Looks/Appearance: Skinny, 5'4, Blazing Red curly hair, Topaz eyes,

About her:

She is an imaginative, pretty girl. She lives in England, but she is originally from California, US. She tends to live mostly in her head. She loves to write and read. She goes to Ratcliffe High, but she doesn't quite take her schooling seriously, especially history. She has a mother and father, two older brothers, two older sisters, and a younger brother and sister. She and her family go out every once-in-a-while to help out old Mr. Jameson McIntire, their eccentric, inventor neighbor. Ever since his wife, Mildred was taken by cancer. Mr. McIntire is the one who sends Rory on the most exciting adventure in her life.

A/N: Hello again friends. I will be posting the real story either today or tomorrow. Please give me your opinion on anything I should change! :D
My story is going to be called, "Running from History" for now, but if you have any ideas of another, please tell me!

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