The Glass Slipper (one direction love story)

So this is my first story...ill write like 1-2 chapters but you guys have to tell me if its good so ill keep going. This is on my phone so the chapters might be small or have mistakes. sorry.
Angelina is a 15 year old girl living in Tennessee, she hate 1D. Kate is her 17 year old bff and she loves 1D.

Chapter 1

Mail Of Death

"Kate!! No! I can't even think right now! My brain is mush!!"
"oh come on you baby, it wasn't that bad."
Kate and i had just gotten home from school. It was the last day for finals and we just finished History. "Angelina, you know how much this ticket means to me?!" She was going to totally explode on me. Kate went on this huge rant about how much she loves One Direction and how her 'One Direction experionce' just won't be the same without me.As I let her get it all out, we turned onto my driveway.
When I cheacked the mail like i always do, i noticed a large envelope addressed other me. Kate stopped cold in the middle of her sentence. "I just can't even be- OH MY DIRECTION!! YOU GOT ONE TOO?!" I didn't understand what she was talking about. "Kate? what are you going on about now?"
"Why didn't you tell me you entered?"
"Entered what?" i started to open it.
"The contest! God sometimes I wonder about you, A."
I took the paper out and the first thing I read was CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON 2 FREE PLANE TICKETS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES.
please bring a nice place of clothing. There will be a dance.


Kate stared expectancy at me. She had both the conster tickets and I had the plane and backstage passes. To every other person in the world, it would be fate. To me, it was Zayn. Damn you Zayn. why do you do this to me?

~Kate`s pov~

I can't believe Angelina won't do this! I mean yeah she hate One Direction with a passion but what about me?? what about the ball?! She knows I want to be a prinsess. Mabey if I bother her she'll give in! Wait no, bad idea. That will just full her fire. Hmmmmmmmmm.... I got it!! Ill tweet them!!
@harry_styles Hey One Directon member ;) My bff and me won your contest!
@Kay-Horon brilliant! you got your things in the mail?
@harry_styles totes! buuuut we have a problem...
@kay-horon how can i help, love?

This will be Perfection!!

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