Once A Witch, Always Betrayed

This is a group story with myself (summer_riot) and Sleepingforevermore.

We will try to be as quick as possible with the chapters (:

Also, the Latin in this is translated on Google, so it may not be 100% accurate, so I apologise. A translation will also be included at the end of any chapter that needs it (:


Chapter 8


"There's a dead body on the road." Johnathon was tense as sir spoke, and it looked like almost everyone on the bus noticed. Mr.Whitman looked at him with narrowed eyes, I let out a small sigh cause Mr.W. used to be a detective and would find that a bit suspicious. I nearly groaned when he looked at me the same way.

"So, Miss.Bell," He indicated the petite sports teacher, "Has kindly offered to take you all onto the camp site." Everyone on the bus let out a breathy groan. No one wanted to go anywhere with Miss.Bell; she liked to run and for a 56 year old woman she was fast and had more energy than us all combined.

We shouldered our bags (or dragged them behind us) and hopped off of the old bus. When we gathered by the side of the road, we saw poor Freddie taking long drags from, what appeared to be, an electronic cigarette. One of the more 'nerdy' guys was trying to calm him down, I think the guys name was Benjamin, which doesn't help the fact he's an A+ student who likes video games.

We spent about fifteen minutes by the side of the road while Miss.Bell and Mr.Whitman talked, as soon as Mr.W. walked back onto the bus for whatever reason.

Miss.B. started to jog on the spot in front of us while tying her hair up, "Alright class," she flashed a cherry smile, "We're going to do a light jog for the next mile to the camp site." She clapped her hands. "When the bus has been looked over, Freddie and Mister Whitman will bring down the tents, food and so on!" We all stared at her until she stared her jog on.

We moaned and sighed when we realized she wasn't kidding and started to follow. The cheerleaders and other girls squealed as we passed the body of a man. "Hang on Belly!" We started to snigger at Mr.W. for calling Miss.B. that. "I need Johnathon Lintch and Mary-Lou Jane to stay here with me." A murmur went around the class. What did we do?

Johnathon looked at me, panic clear in his eyes, all I could do was shrug. How the heck was I to know? We trudged back to the bus, and half way there a few cop cars and two forensic trucks came flying down the dirt path. Also an ambulance I guessed was for the body. "What do you think Mr.W. want's us here with the cops for, MJ?"

We watched him walk over to the man who looked in charge, "You tensed up when they mentioned the body, and I sighed; he used to be a cop. Go figure, Nathon."

He looked down at me, "Don't called me Nathon. It's not like we're friends now." He sneered the last part out. We stopped at the front of the bus, and I looked at the retreating figures of the class, I saw Claire look forward again; she'd watched us walk away together. Talking. She was already suspicious, this wouldn't help.

I let a low growl slip from my throat, "I let MJ slide." My eyes twitched as I looked down at the body of the man, long dead. Easily saw by the features on his face rotten away and the grayish purple mottled hue of the skin. "And for the last time, that is not my fault." I glance accusingly up at him before I walked over to a small leafy tree and sat below it.

I suppressed a moan as I realized that would look highly suspicious to the cops and detectives. A young cop, more like an intern with black hair and brown eyes who looked like he'd just stepped out of an anime came rushing over to me, "You're Mary-Lou Jane?" His voice was high pitched and he was really excited, Johnathon looked over at us surprised from his perch on the bumper of the bus. "Daughter of famous actor Ryan Anderson Jane and singer slash model Catrina Eliza Jane?" I failed to suppress my moan this time.

Johnathon seemed shocked at this fact, I almost forgot no one at school knew who I was. "Yes, I am Mary-Lou Jane, please, call me MJ. Was it really that obvious? Detective..." I trailed off and he panicked about his person looking for his ID, I smiled as he produced it, "Edward Steward."

He fell into this cross legged position in front of me, the tree blocking sun from both of us. "Please call me Eddie. And yes it was...MJ." He did this little fangirlish thing, then he explained, "Sorry, just... First name bases with the famous Jane daughter."

After a while of talking to him, we talked about our favorite things, our least favorite, I found out he was only 20; so only 3 and a half years older than me, I decided to give him a tid-bit for dads next movie, the one he was working on. "You know Eddie, you have the same first name as the man dad's playing in the Rolman film 'Zanzibar Sandé.'" I swear, the look on his face was priceless. He screamed a little bit.

"You have to be kidding me!?" He was shaking, I shook my head and took out my phone, I brought up the preview clips. He crawled around beside me and watched from over my shoulder.

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