Once A Witch, Always Betrayed

This is a group story with myself (summer_riot) and Sleepingforevermore.

We will try to be as quick as possible with the chapters (:

Also, the Latin in this is translated on Google, so it may not be 100% accurate, so I apologise. A translation will also be included at the end of any chapter that needs it (:


Chapter 2


I watch from my window as Claire leaves, I can't help but envy her. Her blonde hair swinging, still dry and cool in the downpour. Even only after a few mere seconds in the rain turned my raven black hair into black rivers. I think back to the spell, as the lightening struck, the light glistened off her blue orbs, turning them evil and gave her tan face a malice look. She'll be back. She's just going to get her back, she hid it in the bushes around the back: to collect in the morning, but it's to wet to leave it out.

As she disappears around the corner, I run back to my laptop and start to translate the Latin. But all I got was 'spirits' and 'death'. I sigh, "Oh Claire-bear..."

"LOBSTER!! HELP!!!" Jez, for such a pretty girl she's got a loud voice.

"Coming Claire-bear!" I lean out over the balcony and catch the bag as Claire throws it, then starts to climb. I widen my eyes, dump her bag, then turn off my laptop. Couldn't let her see that I doubt her.

"Phew." She jumps down onto my bed, her hair may be dry. Her clothes? Are not. "It is cold out there!"

I place a hand on her shoulder and close my eyes. "Frigida fovere sinu ignem creatura." I open them. "Is that it?"

Something inside Claire seems to light up. "Yes!!" She suddenly jump up and hugs me. "You did a spell on your own!"

I laugh and shrugs out of her grip, and start to drink cocoa. "Yes..." I grin at her, and walk into my bathroom. To take off the eyeliner.

"You know Johnathon?" Claire calls from the other room. "Well I think he likes me."

I rolls my eyes. "Ow...." I mutter as the remover cream goes in my eyes. "Well, if you ask me. I'd say you'd spelled him!"

I can practically see her sitting up. "I DID NOT!!!"

"Well darling..." I smile and walk out into the room and sit on the table. "I can't see why he would like you anyway. You're not easy. Well...." I tilt my head at her, and pretend to think.

She screams and falls onto the floor. "BUT HE DOES LIKE ME!!!!" She starts to throw a little kids tantrum.

I laugh. "I only kidding." I fall onto the floor as well. "I think he likes you too."

She jumps up and starts to attack me. "I. HATE. YOU." She throws her hands around my neck and I kick her off. "Nice, teach me!"

I laugh at her mood. "We're going on camp tomorrow. Sleep." With that, I collapse onto my bed.


Frigida fovere sinu ignem creatura.

Fire warm the body of the cold creature.

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