Between A Rock And A Hard Place (retold and continued)

I had this on my last account it's still up but for those who don't know i'm going to re-write the whole thing word for word and i'm going to continue untill the end. plus i decided to do this before quibblo deleted my story on my deleted profile (for some odd reason it didn't) so i'm retelling it and continuing it =D

Chapter 1

Leap Of Faith

Beep Beep Beep.......BEep BEep BEep.......BEEp BEEp BEEp.....BEEP BEEP BEEP......smashes alarm clock...sighs, "Ugg, Not again!", I mumbled to myself. I look at my watch gasp, "7:30! I'm not even ready for school yet and I live 15 miles away!", I scream into the emptiness.

Claire my cute little sister she's 7 and in second grade. She has natural bleach blonde hair and hazel green eyes. She walks sleepily into my room, "Brotha, will you quit screaming Hazil says you're giving her a head ach." Hazil is Clair's stuffed unicorn.

"Well I'm sorry Claire but we're gonna be late for school. Go to your room I'll be there in a minute to help you pick out your outfit.", I say in the sweetest tone.

"Ok, and I'll tell Hazil that you didn't mean to wake her up. I know she'll forgive you if you give her a hug.", Claire returned sleepily, and walked to her room with a drowsy and little sway.

"Hm." I grunt getting up off my bed. I pick out a Black shirt with Blood On The Dance Floor printed in overflows' of colors bursting every where (underneath I wear a very light long-sleeved gray and white shirt.) . Black skinny jeans. I wear some eye-liner and barley noticeable black eye shadow. Black Skater Gloves. I comb my hair in away that makes me look like Robin The Boy Wonder. And I pull on my converse shoes. I grab my hand-made Batman backpack. I hurry and put on deoterant and clone.

I hurry and run to Claire's room to great a wonderful mess made up of clothes and stuffed animals. sigh, "Claire did Hazil help you pick out some cloths be fore I got here?" I say in a sweet good job voice.

"Yea! Do you like it?" Claire said spinning around in pink shirt with a purple tutu with black leggings underneath. actually she did a great job! she had her hair combed down and she straightened her hair without my supervision!

"Clair you and Hazil did a wonderful job!," I said enthusiastically. "Now then we need to hurry or else we'll be late!"

"Right!" Claire said jumping up and sliding on her mini-converse and grabbing a hand made Hello Kitty book bag (that I made) .

During Science
"And that class is how a birds wings stay together. Any questions?", Asked Mrs. Woods. Tyler was starting to raise his hand when a knock on the door interrupted.
Knock Knock Knock Mrs. Woods, clears throat "Yes, come in." I think they might just be the guys from Men In Black 3!!!! Then the president walked through between the two very tough looking guys.

"I'm here to, temporally borrow one of your students.", Said Mr. President.

Mrs. Wood stood silent for a moment, staring in aw that the top man was in her class room. Then she snaped back into reality, "W-Why of c-course sir!" With one small motion with is hand one of the guards started towards the class. gulp and I think he's headed right for me! I swiftly get from my seat. Jump onto the table and jump high into the air. doing three quick back flips I was just barely out of the guards reach.

The Guard spoke, "Now Winter don't do anything rash." he said as I was backing up toward the window.

I mischievous smile was making it's way spreading on my face I couldn't help myself. "Make me!", I screamed opening the window and jumping out before their very eyes. Please work this time please, please.
Author's Note: Well I sure hope you liked it and this is actually my first story ever so plz be nice in the comments. If you wish for me to continue then comment it and plz rate wat you think of it so far.

Jack_Frost: Hey Hope you liked it and if you did plz comment it and plz no haters. =D

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