About Me repost

about me

Chapter 1

I hate writing chapter titles :-|

Height: 5' 6"
Shoe size: 6
Sxual orientation: Straight

Do you smoke? nope and never gonna
Do you drink? no
Do you take drugs? no

Age you get mistaken for: 17
Real age: 16
Have tattoos? Nope
Got any piercings? Yep
Want any piercings? Yes

Relationship status: single
Favorite movie: Johnny English Reborn
A fact about your personality: When I get mad, I totally lose it

What I hate about myself: My laugh
What I love about myself: My eyes
What I want to be when I'm older: doctor, author, artist, or homicide detective lol

My relationship with my parents: Okay, just normal
What I hate the most about school: Math (I'm good at it but its boring)
What my last text message says: shut up
What words upset me the most: Sorry
What words make me feel the best about myself: I love you

A wish that I've wished for repeatedly: To meet my friend again, he moved away and I miss him like crazy
Where I would like to live: Here, in Halifax, its my home
My childhood career choice: a Doctor
My favourite ice cream: Cookie Dough :D

Who I wish I could be: My friend lol
Where I want to be right now: With my friend
The last thing I ate: noodles :-D

Favourite band: Evanescence
Three favourite male artists: Drake, Bruno Mars, and i cant think of another
Three favourite female artists: Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Ke$ha

Favourite colour: Red and turquoise
Favourite animal: Monkeys!
Favourite hair colour: Brown
Favourite gender: Males lol

Repost this :-D


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