Carson is cheating on me...

Chapter 1

I swear if she messages one more guy I'm gonna blow up. She starting to say other guys are hot & she's talking dirty with them. It's hurting me so bad. I'm being cheated on, and I hate it! Is what you get from me not enough? Are the kisses and hugs not working? Did you not know I have the password to your quibblo? I can see everything you say. Like, "Baseball is such a turn on ;)" or "You're so cute. (dont think im a stalker lol)" And it's not just on Quibblo. It's over text too. She's sexting my college friends. And she's 14? It makes me absolutely sick. I'm sorry I'm putting this out on Quibblo, but I have to make it stop somehow. Carson, I love you. That's why I'm doing this. I just looked at your account 10 minutes ago, and I didn't like what I saw. You even took this off your profile "Taken by the best!" so you could get more guys. What am I doing that's wrong? Please tell me. I wanna save us before it's too late! Y'all help me out! If you see Carson saying something TELL ME. I'm trying to save us, even if it makes me have to babysit you all the time. Again, I'm sorry I'm doing this but I have to....


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