To Christopher, With Love

To Christopher, With Love

Love was, and still is, a beautiful thing...

Chapter 2

A Broken Melody

Tyler and I sat on Phoebe's bed, her diary resting in his hands. He flipped though the pages, until we found something interesting; a letter tapped in between pages.

May 13th, 1968

Dear Christopher,

Tears fill my eyes as the thought of never seeing you again crosses my mind. Those tears come flowing down whenever I think of what you did to me; of how you ruined my life.

A summer breeze blew as we sat together in the lilac fields. I felt the wind harmonize with the birds' sweet melodies when you whispered the words "I love you" into my ear. That, Christopher, was the happiest day of my life.

After that moment, life took a turn for the best. Your parents developed a liking for me, my parents finally managed to save enough to buy a house in the town, and you, my dearest, got accepted into university. You left Gladview, and set out to achieve your dreams.

I tried my best to maintain contact with you, not wanting us to drift apart. I would send you letters every week, and you sent me love poems in reply. But as time passed, your replies dwindled with at least a month between each. Your poems, Christopher, lost their touch. What was once sweet words of passion became emotionless blots of ink.

You returned the next summer, almost a year after you left. You looked, talked and acted different. Your stay at the university had changed you completely. Did you fall in love again? Do I still mean anything to you, or am I just a fragment of your past?

I cannot describe the pain I felt when you proposed to Madeline. You doing it in front of me made it hurt even more. Just because I said nothing, doesn't mean I had nothing say. I have a thousand words that I could just scream at you. What would it change? Nothing. You don't love me anymore, and I have already accepted that.

I don't know what I did wrong. Was I not pretty enough? Is it because I'm not as smart or as educated as Madeline? Was it naive and stupid of me to trust you? I have all these insecurities, Christopher, and I don't know how to get over them. What did I do wrong?

I loved you, I stayed faithful while you were away, and I even spent day and night taking care of your sick father. Do you want to know what I could have been doing during those two years I spent with you? I could have joined my friends, gotten married and had beautiful children of my own. But do you know what I did instead? I stayed and waited for you. I, the naive town girl, decided to await my beloved's return, for him to come back, sweep me off my feet, and ask for my hand in marriage. Oh, how stupid I was!

I cried myself to sleep every night just thinking of you. You raised my hopes, only to bring them down again. No more will I receive your lovely poems, nor will I giggle as you whisper sweet words into my ears. My heart no longer belongs you. Enough is enough, Christopher.

I am no longer that little puppet that fulfills your every whim. The woman you once knew is dead. You killed her. And that dead woman doesn't want you in her life anymore.

This is goodbye.

Melody Wattersin

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