Harmony's end.

This is a BIG group story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

The wind whip's through my hair as I run through the quiet town. I am in a desperate need to find my father. Something terrible had happened.

"Dad! Dad where are you?" I yell, running as fast as any normal human.
So, pretty slow compared to me.

I slowly pick up the speed, but not that much, I don't need to be seen running as fast as I can.

"Ugh! Dad! Where are you? I need you!"

After running to the other side of town, my legs give out, and I drop down on my knees, hiding my face in my hands, and I start hysterically sobbing.

"No.. It can't be true.... My mom... She can't be..."

I slowly push myself up off of the ground, and I run as fast as I can to my house, and within a minute, I'm standing on the front porch.
The smell of blood spread through the air, and I close my eyes, and take in a deep breath.

The smell of blood was driving me insane... Intense hunger... But I can't just let my mom die.

I push the door open, to be greeted by the squeals of my newborn baby sister crying, and a trail of blood on the floor.
My mom wasn't where I saw her last.

I take my jacket off, and wrap it around my head, so the smell of blood lessens, and I quickly follow the trail up the stairs, and into my sister's room.

When I get in there, I see my little sister in her crib, and my mom, on the floor, all cut up and bleeding.
I kneel next to my mom and cradle her in my arms, trying to stop her from bleeding.

"Mom please" I cry. "Please don't die on me."
She slowly raises her arms, and hugs me as tight as she can manage.

My mom falls limp into my arms, and I scream out, crying into her chest.

I don't care about the blood anymore. Not when my mother is dead, in my arms.

I clutch onto her, crying loudly, as I look up at my little 5-day- year old sister.
She was literally just born, and just came home 2 days ago.
And now she has to live without mom.

I look down at my mom, and hear the front door swing open, followed by my best friend Jarrod's voice.

"Evalee! Where are you? Why does everything smell like blood? EVALEE!"

Oh no... Jarrod can not see me like this.. He may see my fangs...

I continue crying into my mothers Limp body, and Jarrod storms into the room.

"Eval... Oh my.... "
He walks over to me, and picks me up from my shoulders, making me drop my mother, and I turn around and hug him.

"Jay, I... I don't know what happened... I went downstairs and she was bleeding...and she...she...died...in my arms..."
He strokes my hair and kisses my forehead.

"I'm so sorry, Evalee. Where's your dad..?"

I shrug and clutch onto him harder.
"I couldn't find him.."

He frowns and shakes his head.
"I'm so sorry Eva."
He starts to take the Jacket off of my head, but I grab his hand and shake my head.

"No, Jar... The smell of blood is too much.."

He puts up his arms in surrender, and takes his cell phone out of his pocket.
"I'm calling the police."

I nod and walk to my bedroom; which has a bathroom in it, and I walk in the bathroom.
I look in the mirror, and take the Jacket off of my face.
Luckilly I didn't have blood on my face; but my shirt, arms, and jacket were all full of it.

I quickly wash the blood off of my arms, and look into the mirror, at my crystal blue eyes.
"These contacts are getting irritating.." I sigh and shrug it off. "Can't take them out unless I'm alone.."

I hear police sirens, and I run out of my room, and back to where my sister is.
The smell of blood was so intense. I could barely take it. But I need too.

Jarrod runs downstairs, and I carefully pick up my little sister, and look into her eyes.
She was lucky. She wasn't born with a freaky color eyes, like I was.
Everyone will think she's normal.

I hold her protectively, with tears rolling down my face, and about 4 police officers come running in.

"What the hell happened here?" The only female officer asked, bending down towards my mom."'

"I don't know!" I start, looking at her. "I came home from Jarrod's house, and my mom was all cut up and bleeding. So I left home to find my dad, but I couldn't find him, and I came back, to see that she dragged herself in here, then she died in my arms."

I start crying harder, and a male officer, picks my mom up and puts her on the stretcher, and covers her with a sheet.
"What's your phone number? So we can call you if we need to meet with you."

I scribble my number on a sheet of paper, and hand it to the officer.
"Here you go..that's my cell number.."

He nods and walks out of the room with another officer holding the edge of the stretcher down the stairs, and the lady officer is the only one to stay in the room.

"Is that your sister?"
I nod and hold her closer to me.

"She looks just like you. Almost like she could be your daughter."
I nod and look up at the officer.

"She will be from now on. My mom told me to look over her. So I will be her mother for now. Until I can let her know I'm really her sister."
The officer nods, and walks towards the door. But before she can walk out, she looks over her shoulder at me.

"Good luck sweetie. I'm sorry for your loss."

I nod and wave at her.
"Yeah... Bye.."

She leaves the room, and the front door slams shut soon after, signaling they have left my house.

"So.." Jarrod starts "do you want me to stay here for the night?"
I nod and look down at melody, who has a slight smirk on her face.


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