Percy Jackson Group Story

Yes, I was wondering if anyone would like to do a Percy Jackson group story with me? (:

Chapter 1

Wondering (:

Please Read! I'm not sure, but is it okay to do Two Group Stories? I'm doing one, the Avatar of the Last Airbender, and I thought that I wanted to try Percy Jackson too. Due to my love of Greek Myths.

I'm going to delete this, if doing two group stories aren't allowed.... Is it? Somebody please tell me (: Sorry, I'm not really getting the hang of the rules in Quibblo... If there ARE any rules....

So, just wondering, but would anyone want to do a Percy Jackson Group Story with me? (: Thanks.

My Character is:

Name: Allison Chase (Because I know how much my best friend Allison out there loves Percy Jackson!! <3 this is for you, Ally :))
Age: 15 (Annabeth's younger sister... Technically)
Gender: Female
Personality: Adventurous, perfectionist, loving, caring, intelligent, brave, kind
Appearance: Long black hair with greyish brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, tall, average build, camp half-blood t-shirt with a cap on
Daughter/Son of: Athena
Siblings: Annabeth Chase
Best Friends: Other characters, Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Piper, Thalia
Other: Ran away together with Annabeth, Thalia, and Luke. Had a crush on Luke, but ever since he betrayed her, started hating. Is now liking Percy
Boyfriend/Crush: Crush is Percy, but later turns out to be dating (Allison! This is just a shout-out, so we can work on my chapter together, and see how you would like the relationship to turn out! :D)

So fill this out please (:

Best Friends:
Daughter/Son of:

Also, this is going to be an ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, and also 'love' story. Sometimes, your character can go rough, and sometimes, very gentle.
It is also, your very own choice (:

One More thing, please!
I'm thinking of the Future Title, and wondering what it should be....

I thought of these

-Approaching to the Prophecy of Love
-Demi-Gods need Each Other
-Other then being Normal
-Heartbeat away from a Quest
-Collide On Together

Out of these, I need your help with choosing them! Please comment with the bio, and your choice, of which should be the Title (:

Thank you, and hope you all enjoy this (Also Allison ;))


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