Desire - Harry Styles FanFic

Desire - Harry Styles FanFic

He captured my heart the moment I saw him. I didn't care if he was dangerous or not. I just knew that I wanted him all to myself. Whatever it takes. He is my one desire.

Chapter 1


by: 1D4Life
This story is meant for a mature audience. Anyone under the age of 14 should be fully aware of the content that will be displayed in this fanfic:

- S*xual Content


-Adult Language

Keep in mind that what you read in this fanfic is 100% false and is only a story. The characters in this are fake except for the members of One Direction who do not act this way in real life as they do in the story. If you choose to continue on and read then that's on you. So don't say that I didn't warn you!

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