Louis' Other Eleanor ( A One Direction~Louis Tomlinson ~ Story)

What happens when Louis in love with another girl that's NOT Eleanor? And things get close. Who will Louis choose???

Chapter 1

Meeting Her


Name: Cassandra Banks
Age: 21
Looks: Long,straight, blonde hair \Striking light blue eyes/ Pale skin / 5'7
Personality: Outgoing, crazy, fun loving , and unique, and VERY insecure


My best friend, Samantha, rushed into my apartment with JUST her towel on. Her hair was in as high,messy,quickly made bun with little foams of soap on top. I looked at her quite amused that she would be so outrageous enough to do this.

"Why the look?" I asked her, picking up my magazine that I had been reading before she stormed in. She squealed and ran up to me. Samantha grabbed the 'zine out of my hands and gave me a huge smile. Bigger than I've ever seen.

"Why do I look like this you ask? Because......" She trailed off shaking her head and laughing to herself. I looked at her scared. Then it hit me, she's in Directioner mode. I automatically knew what to ask her.

I gave her a serious face. "What has One Direction done now?" I asked.

She gave me a questioning look. Then I knew the answer to her face. "Don't give that face Sam, you're obviously in Directioner mode. Now tell me!" I demanded. She nodded and started laughing again.

"Okay breathe Sam, breathe," I said breathing in and out. "My brother, Kevin, helps manage 1D's music and got us invited to a party!!?!?" She screamed. I hushed her because my neighbors were sleeping.

"When is it?" I asked unamused.

"Tonight, in 2 hours in fact!"

I nodded still not caring. "What's the theme?" I asked.

She looked at me in confusion. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. "What's the dress code?" I asked, having a feeling I should know since it is February 2nd.

She 'ohhhhhed' at me and nodded. "Valentine's Day." she said squealing again. Yep, I was right.

I shrugged. "Why not? I'll go get ready." I replied and got up. "Can I borrow something from you? Since you do own a clothing line." I nodded and went into my room. Sam followed and I took a shower. That was a thing already taking care of for her.

Cassandra's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=71111496

Since this was a Valentine's Day party, I wanted to go a "little" bit overboard. I mean, this is One Direction we are talking about. I got out of the hot shower and saw mist everywhere. I decided to scare Sam by leaving a Slender Man sign on the window which I drew with my wet fingers. She hates Slender Man, even though he isn't real, right?

Anyway, I blow dried my hair and dried my body. I slipped on my knickers and bra. I saw myself in the full-length mirror that I had cleared to look at my outfit and gave a disgusted face. I am so fat! My curves are to big and my face is so round. I just pouted and put on the rest of my outfit. After I finished my makeup, I put a glitter heart on my cheek. Now I look rocking fantastic for the party!

I walked out of the bathroom and Samantha jumped up and gave me a round of applause. "My turn!" she said with excitement. Of course what she meant by that was: 'DRESS ME OR I WILL HURT YOU'

I went through all of my closet and found the coolest of all the amazing outfits I had for Valentine's Day, except for mine of course.

And to think of it, why am I so excited? Probably for the major partying to come along the way, not One Direction. I laid out the outfit on my water bed and put on some white socks that had ruffles at the top. I went into the hallway and found my sneakers/converse wedges.

Samantha's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=71111496

Samantha stepped out of the bathroom and punched my arm. I gave her a quizzical look then giggled. She must've seen my Slender Man sign. I said sorry and showed her the outfit. She clapped quickly and I went out of the room to let her change. She came out of my room grabbing both our purses. Well, technically my purses but whatever.

I gave her a pair of pumps and we headed out with a smile on her face and an emotionless expression on mine.


For some really cool and random reason, we rode a LIMO!!! I was excited about that but then we stopped and I pouted. Then Samantha smiled. "Turn that freaking frown upside down or I'll rip it off your face!" she exclaimed and I immediately smiled. She put a thumbs up and we got out of the car to be met with flashing lights and cam-recorders.

"What's your name, why are you here, are you close friends of One Direction?" they kept asking. I just laughed nervously and let Sam guide the way. Even though she was following the Security Guard.

"Hello, how my I assist you?" asked the other Security guard with the list of names invited.

"Under Johnson." Sam replied smiling. "Right this way ladies." he said smiling at us. We entered to what seemed like heaven. Valentine's Day heaven.
There was a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows around the circular bottom. Then bowls of all different candy shaped like hearts. The walls were pink and red plus heart shaped balloons floated everywhere with red and pink and purple glitter all over the floor.

The room went quiet. They all looked at Sam and I and cheered. Our outfits were the coolest and the most awesome of all. I turned to Sam to give her the news but she was searching for One Direction and I chuckled. "I'll be over there if ya need me okay?" I asked and walked off to the dance floor.

The song Love Shack by the B-52's came on.

"Bang,Bang,Bang, on the door baby!" People sang. I laughed to myself and just started dancing with the first man who caught my eye. He had messy, really light brown hair and kinda hazel eyes. He was handsome. Pretty tall too, about 5'9.

We continued dancing until it got to the point where were kinda dancing on each other. I turned to look at him in the eyes and saw...........Louis Tomlinson.

I froze. "Uhhhh.....I outta go!" I said quickly and turned around. I was about to walk off but Louis grabbed a hold of my arm, and very firmly. I looked up at him and blushed. "Wait,Love! We didn't finish the dance we started." He said and twirled me. I laughed and he smiled. "You got a cute laugh."

"Oh,uh,thanks." I said blushing. Stop it, STOP BLUSHING CASSANDRA!

"So, what name is your name? Must just as beautiful as you," he said pulling me closer to him as a slow song came on. I blushed again and laid my head on his shoulder. "My name is Cassandra Mary-Ann Banks." I said proud of my full name.

"And mine is Louis William Tomlinson." he said. You could totally hear the smile in his voice. We just swayed together, both of us obviously not knowing how to dance properly. Then a catchy song came on. I pulled away from him and smiled. "Well, it was nice meeting you..Louis. But I probably should-" Louis cut me off. "Go to your friend?" he finished. I gave him a look. "How-" He then interrupt me again. "There's a girl waving at you behind your back with wide eyes and shouting 'Cassie!" I hit my hand to my face and looked to Louis again.

"But I really don't want to go!" I whined and then blushed thinking that I couldn't believe I said that out loud. He laughed and dragged me to Sam, where 4 boys await our presence.



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