The Gangs All Here-1D

So my friend and I will be co writing this story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Jules

by: Dance
I stomped all the way to Harry's room, slamming door behind me. I sat down on the bed, rubbing the shoulder I had landed on. Why was I in this mess? I was having his baby, and he hit me for even questioning a decision.
A stupid one, mind you.
I would've been better bait then ever before because I wouldn't be drinking.
I heard a soft knock at the door. Well, that wouldn't be Harry. He would've barged right in.
"Come in," I said quietly.
"Hey, Julesie."
I laughed, remembering that he was the only one to have ever called me that. Besides drunk Trinity who was trying to hook up with me.
"Hi, Ashton."
He came in, quietly shutting the door behind him. I had honestly forgotten how handsome he was.
"Can I sit down?" He asked, nodding to the bed.
"Of course," I smiled, scooting over. He sat down carefully, eyeing the shoulder I was rubbing. I quickly moved my hand away.
"I think Harry overreacted a bit," Ashton said, in a whisper.
"He's just stressed out," I quickly defended, my voice as quiet as his.
"Like you and Trin aren't?! Honestly, people should be worried about making you two feel safe and happy," Ashton reasoned, his voice getting slightly louder.
"They're trying their best," I said meekly. It got hard defending them.
"Is that why me and the boys had to come?" Ashton pointed out.
"It's just hard for them because they're so attached. Zayn and the boys to Trin, and Harry to me."
Ashton looked at me sadly, putting his hand on top of mine. I looked up at him, realizing that he was blurry through hot tears.
"Jules, Harry treats you more like a rag doll than his girlfriend," Ashton said.
"No. It's just recently I keep making him mad. He takes care of me, Ashton," I argued, looking away so he didn't see the tears falling. Why was I crying? Ashton just didn't see how Harry treated me when he wasn't mad. Which wasn't often.
"Or does he use you? To take care of himself," Ashton suggested.
I turned now, looking at Ashton.
"Stop. You can't say that, Ashton!" I cried.
"It's the truth! Jules, you seem miserable. I know the real you. And you never would've stood for that. Ever."
"Things have changed. I've changed."
"And not for the better!" Ashton was upset now. I was silent.
"Jules, all I'm saying is that you deserve someone who would love you and treat you like you mean something." He looked at me, his eyes locked with mine. His hand gripped mine.
"Ashton, no. We're done," I said and he moved closer to me.
"Jules, don't tell me you don't miss feeling loved," Ashton said quietly, his other hand resting on my cheek.
My breath hitched. This was not happening. Ashton was leaning in. I stayed still.
I knew I needed to move away, but part of me wanted to kiss Ashton.
His lips hit mine. A whole mess of feelings came rushing back. I kissed him back.
"Jules?" A voice croaked. I pulled away, and looked at the doorway.
He stood there, his face red, his eyes blinking back tears.
"Harry, I-"
"Save it. We're done," he mumbled, walking out the door.
The tears sprung to my eyes as I stood up.
"No! Shut up! Why, Ashton?" I yelled.
"Do you not see how bad he treats you?!" He yelled back.
"I need him, Ashton!" I sobbed. I heard a pair of feet at the door and turned, hoping to see Trinity. It was Louis.
"Jules, what happened? What's wrong with Harry? Why are you crying?" Louis questioned, his brow creased in worry.
"H-Harry saw Ashton k-kissing me! A-and he b-broke up with m-me!" I sobbed.
Louis rushed to me, wrapping an arm around me. He glared at Ashton.
"Why would you kiss her?" Louis growled.
"Harry treats her terribly! And she didn't exactly push me away!" Ashton defended.
"Ashton, excuse us for a minute," Louis said sternly.
Ashton looked at me for a long minute. I tucked myself into Louis, my body shaking with sobs. Ashton left.
"Jules, does Harry know yet? About you being pregnant?" Louis asked quietly, rubbing my back.
"He needs to know."
I looked up at Louis, wiping at my tears.
"I can't," I said softly.
"Either you tell him," Louis sighed. "Or I will."

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