The Gangs All Here-1D

So my friend and I will be co writing this story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Jules

by: Dance
I woke up in the guest room, a bit disoriented before I remembered what happened last night. I thought about my conversation with the boys and Trinity walking me to the guest room, giving me pajamas, and staying until I was sleeping. Something about it here, made me feel safe. But at the same time, I still scared.
My decision came pushed it's way back into my thoughts. Join a gang, live with these people I barely knew, these boys who seemed to push Trinity around as if she meant nothing. Yet it was obvious how much they loved her. I had already left whome, it's not like my parents would notice my absence.
Or I could chose to die.
As I got out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom, the choice was obvious. I washed my face, the cold water making me alert and awake. I brushed and braided my long hair, before slowly heading down to the kitchen.
I quietly walked in, my hands trembling a bit. Everyone was there, and they looked up when I walked in. I noticed Trinity looked a little uncomfortable and figured it probably had something to do with last night.
"Morning, Jules," she said with a smile, no trace of pain in her voice.
"Good morning," I said shyly, quietly sitting in the only available seat, between Niall and Harry.
Someone handed me a plate of food and I picked at it, my stomach too twisted to take food.
It was awkwardly quiet as everyone ate. I took a deep breath before speaking up.
"I'll stay."
Everyone looked at me, before glancing at each other, a bit surprised.
"Oh...well, great," Niall said to me.
"Yeah, it would've sucked to have to kill you," Louis joked. Everyone glared at him, but I laughed.
Everyone grinned a bit, and things felt more relaxed.
"Well, what are we gonna do with her?" Harry asked to no one in particular, looking at me. I was a bit confused, and raised an eyebrow at Trinity.
"She could always be bait," Liam suggested before Trinity could explain.
"Bait?" I repeated, looking around at all of them.
"Bait is what I do. Bait attracts guys who need to be taken out," Trinity explained.
"And from what we saw last night, you aren't too afraid of attracting guys in a club," Niall pointed out. I smirked a bit.
"I guess I could do it," I shrugged.
"Yes! I have another bait with me," Trinity grinned.
I laughed and looked around at everyone at the table. I guess this was my new family.

Later as I sat on the back porch of the big house, I thought of the new life I was beginning. I heard the door behind me open and looked back to see Harry. I wasn't sure exactly how to act around the boys, and I quickly stood up.
"Oh, I was just going inside," I said.
Harry shook his head and sat down on the porch, patting the spot beside him.
I sat beside him and he looked at me. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I was a tad bit nervous.
"So you're really gonna stay? Just move in with a gang?" He asked. I shrugged.
"Well, I don't have many choices. And I don't have anywhere important to be," I said.
He nodded, now looking forward.
"You don't know what you're getting yourself into. I mean, you're with us forever now."
I thought about his words and before I could stop myself I raised an eyebrow, looking offended.
"Do you not want me here?"
"No, no! It's just I was trying to warn you," he defended himself.
I laughed a bit and he looked at me. "I was kidding. Don't worry cause even if you didn't want me, I wouldn't really care."
"That mouth is gonna get you in trouble around here," he threatened, but I saw the grin he was trying to hide.
I itches to ask about why Trinity was treated like she was, but I bit my tongue. Things were quiet for a minute before Harry spoke again.
"We're a family. It may seem like we fight a lot, but we care about each other. Trinity's basically my sister. We all help Niall take care of her since their parents died."
I frowned, thinking of how Trinity and Niall must have felt so alone. Then again, how could you feel alone surrounded by these people? I opened my mouth to say something, when Niall came to the back door.
"Jules, someone is you to your place to get your stuff," he informed me. I stood up as Harry spoke.
"I can take her."
"No. Harry, head to my office. We have jobs to plan. Trinity can take her."

Trinity and I were in one of the many expensive cars, heading to he cheap motel I was staying at.
"Trinity?" I asked as we drove along.
"Yeah?" She replied, her eyes not leaving the road.
"What's the deal with the boys?" I questioned quietly. She sighed.
"The boys are protective and caring, but there are some rules. We're not supposed to talk back. Don't ignore what they tell you. Respect all the gang members. Do not ever hookup with anyone outside of the gang."
"So I'll end up with someone from the gang?" I clarified. She nodded.
"And if we break these rules?" I questioned.
"There's a punishment, some worse than others. But mostly, its spanking."
My eyes widened.
"What? They hit you?!"
"Don't think about it like that. It's because this life can be dangerous and a punishment is supposed to keep us from doing anything that could get us or others hurt."
I stayed quiet as she pulled into the motel. I quickly went into my room, packing my stuff. As I went to check out, Trinity looked at the man behind the desk.
"No charge. She's with us," Trinity said. The man nodded.
"Yes of course. Have a nice day, Ms. Horan."
As we went back to the car, Trinity explained.
"We own a lot of businesses around."
I nodded and threw my stuff in he car, getting in and buckling my seatbelt. Trinity started driving back to the house, and I stayed quiet. I was still absorbing everything I had learned in the past several hours.

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