The Gangs All Here-1D

So my friend and I will be co writing this story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Jules

by: Dance

I was in the club, grinding on some girl I didn't know. You could say I had a bit much to drink, but this wasn't new for me.
Some guy looked on as I grinded on the girl, his eyes wide and his grin crazy.
That's when he lunged for us, grabbing the other girl and I by our waists and pulling us close to his body. Something about the man scared me, and my dance partner didn't look too thrilled either, but she didn't push away from him so I stayed put. We danced to the loud beat pumping from the speakers, as the man holding us began to get more aggressive.
"Come with me, " he yelled over the noise, trying to drag us out of the club. As intoxicated as I was, this guy was not the kind of guy I went home with.
All of the sudden, it was chaos. Several guys had grabbed the man trying to take us home, three of them grabbing him and dragging him outside. I knew I saw guns being pulled and the man fighting back, seeming to recognize his attackers. The two other boys turned to the girl looking enraged.
"What the hell were you thinking?!" Bellowed a guy with tan skin and dark hair.
"Think of your safety for once, Trinity!" A curly haired boy screamed.
"He was trying to drag us out of the club! What was I supposed to do?" The girl, Trinity, defended herself.
"You were way too close! And bringing another girl in on this! She saw too much! Do you know what you've done?" Curly reprimanded her, before turning to me. I saw green eyes, full of anger and hate.
I didn't know who these people were or what they wanted, and honestly I was a little scared.
"Who are you?" The boy asked me, his eyes quickly roaming my body before looking at me again.
"Juliet Carter, but I go by Jules," I told them, not allowing a hint of fear into my voice.
The three exchanged looks, trying to figure out something I didn't know.
"Do you think she's...?" the darker boy asked.
"No, I don't think so. I would've recognized her," Harry finished, looking at me.
We heard yelling coming from the backdoor, where the other guys had disappeared to.
"Come on, we gotta go. Just take her, " the dark skinned boy shrugged, leading Trinity out of the club.
The curly hair boy grabbed my wrist, pulling me with him.
"Stop! Where are we going?! Who are you?!" I shrieked, pulling against him. He was strong, and pulled me along with ease.
"We'll explain later. Just stop struggling, or we'll do things the hard way."
I smirked, pulling back with all my might.
"Well, I never take the easy way," I spat at him.
He rolled his eyes, before throwing me over his shoulder and walking out. I pounded on his back and screamed until I was put into a car next to Trinity. He sat beside me, smirking.

Harry's POV
After we managed to get Trinity and Jules into the house, all of the boys went immediately to Niall's office.
"So, we got him and got a good amount of information first," Niall's smirked proudly.
"Now, what about Trin? Was she alright?" Niall's asked, looking at Zayn and me.
We exchanged a glance before looking at Niall.
"Yeah, she was great bait, as usual. She always gets the job done, " Zayn said, not sounding too pleased. He'd never liked Trinity baiting.
"But the other girl she got involved...she saw a lot. She saw you three and I know she saw the gun. We don't think she worked for anyone else because she seemed kind of confused, " Harry said.
Niall's eyes narrowed. The girl had seen too much, and there were two options. She could join the gang, or she could die. Niall stood up.
"Where is she?" He demanded.
"Living room with Trinity," Zayn answered. Niall walked out the door, and we followed close on his heels.

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