The Gangs All Here-1D

So my friend and I will be co writing this story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Trinity

by: xBVBx

I pulled on my little black dress, the front drooping quiet low for my brothers taste as well as the back. I could the boys now: "You little slut!" "Go change!" "There's no way in HELL you are going out in that!" Oh well, they need me to be bait, and that's what I'll be.
"Trinity! Hurry it up!" barked Harry, causing my annoyance only to grow.
"You hurry it up!" I yelled back, slipping on my heels.
"Do you want to be punished right before we go out?!" he growled. He was just outside my door.
I sighed, looking at the ground. "No."
"No what?"
"No, sir."
His foot steps faded away, but I could hear him complaining to my brother. Once I knew I was ready, I stepped out of my room, my dramatic eye makeup complimenting my lips and hair.
"Are we leaving soon?" Louis asked, standing at the bottom of the stairs.
"Once my sister gets-" Niall stopped when he saw me and he glared. "You. Will. Not. Leave. Like. That."
The rest of the boys looked at me and I simply stepped down the stairs. "Well if you want your bait, I won't be changing. Now let's go, I need a good drink."
A strong grip grabbed my arm and I winced a bit, before coming eye to eye with Zayn. "If you know what's best for you, you'll go change."
"If you know what's best for you, you'll let. Go. Now," I snarled, glaring right back at him.
Liam rolled his eyes impatiently, walking past us. "Enough! Let's just go get this job over with! Trin, you tracked his phone, right?"
I nodded, looking at him after I snatched my arm away from Zayn. "Yep, he's at La Rouge like I said he'd be."
With that, we all walked out of the house, climbing into two separate cars and drove off to go through with our plan.

Once arriving at the club, you could already tell it was packed. People were lined up outside and the club music was pounding, and I was ready to party. Okay, not specifically party but get the job done so I could party.
"Make sure he see's you, but play hard to get. And don't let him try to take you outside," Niall stated, looking right at me.
"I know, bro. I got this, I always do," I assured and we stepped out of the car.
Liam was my escort tonight. If we walked in at the same time, it would cause our target to rethink. The bouncer let us right in and we made our way to the VIP area. Ten minutes later, the others joined us and as soon as they sat down, I got up.
"Where are you going?" Harry sneered, looking at me.
"The bar, smarty. I'm supposed to be catching his eye," I replied.
Niall looked at me, nodding. "She'll be fine. Be careful, Trinity."
I nodded, before stepping down the stairs away from the boys. I took my time heading to the bar, just to scope out the place. Of course, eyes landed on me at all times, and I was actually comfortable. I was used to it.
"What can I get you?" the bartender asked.
"Straight vodka," I replied, flipping my hair over my shoulder.
He grinned, nodding before fixing my drink. My eyes scanned the room, watching people before I saw him. When his eyes caught mine, I simply smiled and turned away, focusing my attention back on the bar. Once the bartender sat my drank down, I took a long swig of it, laughing at myself to make it seem I was more drunk than I was. I peeked back at him and saw him making his way over to me. My eyes went back to area ahead of me and I took a long drink, knowing what could happen and hoping for anything but the worst.
"Alone are we?" a voice huskily whispered in my ear.
A chill ran down my spine and I turned, smirking at the man. "It would seem so, but not anymore since you joined me."
A sly grin slid over his face and he sat next to me, slipping a hand onto my hand. I quickly pulled away, raising an eyebrow. "Quick to make a move?"
He snickered. "I see, you play hard to get. I can play along."
A laugh escaped my throat, before we started conversing.

Zayn's POV:

I watched Trinity closely, my fingers clenching the couch's arms tightly when she conversed with him.
"That little whore," I growled.
"Hey, its her job, mate. Calm down," Louis piped up. He was always fond with her and found it amusing to watch her do her job.
"Don't tell me what to do!" I snarled, looking at him.
"Would you two knock it off! If you want this plan to go through, you'll ignore whatever she has to do. She's our only chance," Niall clarified, also watching his younger sister.
"She's only eighteen!" Harry said, clearly disgusted. "Its sick knowing she actually enjoys this."
The boys continued to argue before I heard the familiar beat and groaned. Thrift Shop by Macklemore, Trinity's favorite club song. My eyes traveled to the dance floor, watching for Trinity when I saw her with the target. They grinded against each other, his hands tightly on her hips.
"She's in for it later."
"Just calm down!"
"She's acting worse than she ever- OH LOOK! Now she has a girl up on her!"
All of our eyes traveled to Trinity who grinded with a girl, chest to chest. The man grinned crazily. She had him wrapped around her deceiving little finger.

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