This is a short story I wrote for school. I realy liked it.. so here it is! I wanted to get feedback, so tell me what you think!
Love ya's!
Love always,

Chapter 1


I abstractedly stare out the window watching the snow fall gently onto the already covered ground. Mother doesn't want me to play outside, she says I will catch a cold. I pity the poor woman, watching over a helpless freak like me. She always says she loves me, and I believe she thinks its true, but I know better. She hates me. All the money I have taken, all the attention I require, it disturbs her perfect life and her other perfect child. My perfect father left us when he learned of my great costs. So now my mother has found a new one to take his place to help create the image of perfection she wishes she could reach.

My new perfect father, or dad as he requested I call him, has a bewildered look upon his face whenever he glances at me and sees the imperfection that the rest of my family lacks. My perfect brother is another story, he looks at him with pride and joy. A strong and smart boy with many caring friends. I can see the hate in all of their eyes when I catch them staring. I know I am unwanted here, but I cannot find the strength to leave. I know they all are waiting for the day to finally come when I am no longer their burden.

"Sister dear, its time for your medicine." My perfect brother pulled me back away from my thoughts.

"Thank you perfect brother. You know I love you so." I said haltingly. "Will you please get it for me?"

"Of course sister dear, whatever you ask. I know you love me you inform me of it daily." He said with a small smirk before leaving the room. He never says he loves me, he just confirms that I say it to him. I wish one day he will say that he loves me too before my time comes to an end.

Before my mind can wander far my brother enters my room again without a thing in hand. "Sister dear, you’re out of medicine. Mother has gone off to get it and she will be back soon." Without a goodbye he closes the door again I'm left alone in my quiet room yet again. I like to be alone, it allows me to think. Sometimes it seems I'm the only inhabitant in this house. Then someone will make a joke and the others will laugh and their joy is carried up the stairs to my door clawing at it mocking me for being different.

I didn't ask for this. I don't want this disease. I did not ask to be the way I am, it happened anyways. The worst things in life come free of charge. What a lie. My perfect mother struggles to keep up with my doctor bills. My new perfect father has to work overtime to help with the money. My perfect brother has worked hard to get a full scholarship so our perfect parents wouldn't have to worry. They can all help out, all I can do is be a problem. The disease has eaten away at my bones. I can barley walk anymore. My head is bare the treatments have caused me to lose my hair. My perfect mother has me wear a wig if I'm ever to be seen. I do not go to school because I'm not strong enough.

I shake my head quickly trying to get the thoughts out of my head. I know it won't work, I have learned a lot about myself over the years I have spent alone. I let a single tear slip away from my eye, I feel the slight burn of the salty thing before it falls to the floor. Sighing I grab my pen and paper and write a passionate note knowing my time is near. I write the truth. That I love my family, even though they don’t love me. I promise them they can be perfect now without me there to ruin the perfect image. I write of my loneness, my lack of fear. I write of the perfection I wish I could be. And lastly I write that I'm sorry.

I am far too weak now to even move my arms. I allow myself to fall back in my chair and let my eyes slide closed. The pain is nearly unbearable, but it won't last much longer. I smile as I see a white light enclose me, welcoming me to the other side. I feel my strength gaining as I come closer towards the light, the pain is rapidly fading now. I stand now and turn to look back upon my past when I was living. I know your happy now perfect mother, you now get the perfection you have been seeking.


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