Perfect Disaster ~Original Story~

Not much to say here. Read the story and you'll find out.

Chapter 2

Inside Caleb's Thoughts


The next morning, I'm still not over what happened with Kaylee and I yesterday. I took a risk there. I asked her out, even though my friends were LAUGHING. At ME. And probably at Kaylee too. Poor girl. Poor, beautiful, girl.

What else do I need to do? Send her flowers? Hell no. Write her a love poem? No.. I'm a horrid writer.. Kaylee's not, though. Last year, I stole a sheet of paper from her binder, which I had seen her scribbling away on during math class. That sheet was covered with little poems she wrote, and they were so sad.. it gave a me a look inside her thoughts, and it made me so upset. I wish there was something I could do to help her. The paper was also covered with song lyrics, and little quotes from books, movies, and who knows where else. I didn't recognize any of the songs, so I Googled some of the lyrics. Now I know what kind of music she likes. It made me feel a bit stalkerish, almost like I was invading her personal life. I guess I was, a little bit. But it's not that I'm a creep, I just.. love her? Not quite. Like her? A lot. Admire her? Even more so. She's just so.. real. Not like the other girls, so fake, covered in makeup, boyfriends, and money. She's not like that.

I've always known her passion for music. Most people love music, but I happen to know that Kaylee loves it more than most. The way she always has her headphones on, mouthing the words. And her pages and pages in her binder, covered in her lyrics. Sometimes I wonder if that's her way of coping, staying strong, in whatever she's going through.

When she was little, and cheerful, she would always be humming and singing. I heard her sing once, about two years ago, when we were about 13 years old. We're 15 now.. but anyways, the first and only time I heard her sing was in was in the school talent show. That was one month before her disaster. I call it her disaster because I have no idea what happened. It must have been horrible. But. About a week before the disaster, at the school's talent show, she sang 'I Will Always Love You', and it was one of the most beautiful things I ever heard. I happened to be sitting right beside the judges, so she sang the entire song looking straight at me. Or pretty close. I like to think so, anyways.

She was just stunning, standing there in a white dress, pouring her heart out through her voice. Of course, she's always beautiful, every single day. I know she thinks she's ugly, though. One of the things she wrote on that sheet I stole was 'I know I'm ugly, okay? I have a mirror.' It made me sick. I wish.. it's like that lyric she wrote right beside it: "I don't mind spending every day.. out on your corner in the pouring rain... look for the girl with the broken smile.. ask her if she wants to stay awhile, and she will be loved.."

Of course, she wrote all this after the disaster. Which brings my thoughts back to that: Kaylee's disaster. It was about two years ago, right after that talent show. On Tuesday, she was smiling, laughing. Talking to her friends. Being a normal girl. On Wednesday, she came to school in black sweatpants and an old hoodie. She didn't talk to anyone. She spent the whole day staring at the wall. She didn't eat her lunch, she didn't do.. anything. Since then, she's gotten a bit better. She scarcely talks, but she will. She does her work, though I have no idea how well she does in school. She always has her headphones with her. She still dresses in dark colors, but she puts a little more effort into it. But after that one Wednesday in 8th grade, she just sort of.. faded away.

She stopped smiling.

She stopped laughing.

She stopped trying.

She stopped singing.

And no one noticed her anymore. No one, except.. me.

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