Image to the Soul

Ok, this isn't modest. I'm telling you what I look like. So yay.

Chapter 1

An Image to the Soul.

Her eyes, deep brown, a glittering window to the soul. Set in a chocolate-brown face that sparkles in the summertime. She has high arched cheekbones, that, when she smiles, turn upward to show chubby cheeks.

She has plump pink lips, and a happy personality in general. She loves to laugh, and smile, and is happy as long as others are. She is tall, maybe five-nine or five-eight and a half. She wears her hear in long snakelike braids that wind a path down her back. When her hair is out of these braids, it's poofy and dry. It's bigger than a seventies Afro, and just as thick. Her hair is a dark glistening brown, and straightened reaches barely below her shoulders.

She wears a cross bracelet, symbolizing her special relationship with Jesus. It has a faded tan hold and a worn rusty cross. She has long fingers, piano fingers so she's told. At the end are fingernails, painted pink, her favorite color. She also wears a TIMEX IRONMAN watch, because her other watches can't make it through swim season. It's pink and black, a delicious combination.

She is told she is " a twig " witch would be good considering she works out and has a new activity almost every day. It's an off-season for her, with only track, dance, choir, and clarinet. She wears self-hugging clothes, and has a very small chest. She has a two-pack.

She loves her capris, and couldn't live without them. She also has long legs, giving her the nickname " Lauren Legs ". Her feet are slender, and well, feet.

Go back to her face. She wears glasses with purple and black frames. They say Guess on the side in silver lettering. They are smudged, because she never cleans them or never bothers.

Thats me. I'm not trying to be modest. I don't care what you think if you think I'm
ugly, spit it out


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