Can of Worms

Chapter 2

The Post-It Note

A few days later, Brianna was utterly, painfully bored. She was grounded, not for anything serious, but was punished all the same. Ordered to stay in the house for a week, without any television, telephone, or computer privileges to take the edge off of the monotony, Brianna had absolutely nothing to do. She had already done her homework, practiced the clarinet, read her sister to sleep, and stared at the wall for hours. Watching paint dry would have been preferable to this. Trying to think of something even remotely interesting to do, Brianna remembered the curious poem she had found in the basement. Even though reading a possibly ancient poem wasn't her first choice of entertainment, she was desperate. Brianna left her room, and bounded down the basement stairs. The coffee can was in its original place, unperturbed. She retrieved the can, and walked up to the quiet safety of her room.

Dumping the contents of the can on her bed, Brianna found the second piece of paper. It wasn't a poem, like the last one, but rather a note written on a single post-it note. Brianna began to read it.

I know I'm not a poet like you, but I want to let you know what I'm feeling. I really like you, and, even though you didn't sign the poem, I know who you are. I'd love to go to prom with you, as more than friends. I'll talk to you tomorrow. -Elaine

Looking at the note, Brianna noticed two things. First of all, the note was very worn. It looked as though the boy it was written to had kept it for years, carrying it around in his pocket at all times. Brianna wondered why, if it had reached the boy, it wasn't still with him. Secondly, the signature on the note was that of her mother's.

Brianna stifled a giggle. She couldn't imagine her mother writing a love note to anyone, not even her father. Since she was familiar with her father's handwriting, which didn't match the handwriting of the poem, she knew that the note wasn't even to her father. Brianna was surprised, as she didn't imagine her mother even having a life before she met her father, got married, and had her and Hope. She soon got over this feeling, however, as her mother was obviously once a teenager. Why wouldn't she have a high school romance? Brianna wondered though, how the coffee can came to be in the darkest corner of the basement.

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