Gem Seekers (original story)

The blue-clad king looked over the balcony of his living quarters in his castle.

He turned around.

"They're ready," said the sorceress as she approached her husband.

The king smiled as he turned back around and gazed over his balcony again. "Soon."

The sorceress came up beside him. "Soon, m'lord."

Chapter 1

They're Coming

She sat, meditating on the coast which her home had been constructed. Her purple hair flowed in the gentle breeze. Her staff lay beside her.


Rayne opened her eyes, stood up, and turned around. "Don't interrupt me when I'm meditating, Luther!"

Luther's face showed bad news. "I know. But they're coming."

Rayne wasn't surprised. "Who? His soldiers?"

Luther nodded. Rayne grabbed her staff. "Where do you think the others are?"

"You know Aslin. The Elder Forest."

Rayne nodded. "Very well." She shouted an incantation, and they were off.


A deer sprinted past Rayne and Luther as they appeared in the forest. "Ugh!"

The duo recognized the voice immediately. "Aslin!"

Aslin came out from behind thick foliage. He was covered in green clothes to hide him from his prey. His blonde hair clung to his face. A quiver was slung over his shoulder, and he was carrying his bow.

He didn't look happy.

"You just scared away dinner, Rayne..."

Rayne glared. "We've got bigger problems. His soldiers."

Aslin seemed surprised by this comment and spun around as if the soldiers would be there.

He turned back around. "We need to find Sander."

Rayne nodded. "Where do you think he might be?"

"The ton?"

(Yes, "ton" is correct. In medieval times, they said that instead of "town".)

"He must be. Are you ready to go?"


"Watch your mouth, kid," came a strong male voice.

"Watch MY mouth? Ha!" came a younger but equally strong voice.

Rayne shook her head. "Sander?"

Aslin opened his mouth but Luther was quicker. "Must be."

"There are twelve of us and one of you!"

The group found Sander and who he was arguing with. Soldiers.

Sander tossed a knife up in the air and caught it. "Check again. Twelve to one?" He noticed his friends. "Eleven to four."

The soldiers were puzzled by this statement but Rayne understood. She smiled as Sander hurled a knife. It sailed through the air, end over end, and found it's mark in a soldier's head. His comrades were stunned but their opponent's weren't.

In a matter of seconds, one soldier was felled by Luther's axe, Rayne was reciting a spell, Sander had his dagger and was on the move, and Aslin had his bow loaded and ready.

The soldiers snapped out of their moment of inactivity. One, armed with a short sword, saw Rayne's vulnerability and lunged. Rayne dropped her staff and jumped back.

As the soldier approached, an arrow landed in his chest. It pierced his heart, and he crumpled to the ground, lifeless.

Luther was surrounded. He swung his axe in a wide circle and killed several of his attackers. But it wasn't enough.

One soldier attacked Luther and his sword cut through Luther's arm.

Rayne finished her spell and instantly the remaining soldiers caught fire. They flailed and ran, and one ran towards Rayne, but Aslin shot his bow.

After a few seconds, all the soldiers had died. Rayne's band had won.

Sander was the first to react to the victory. "Woo! We need to do that more often!"

Through the argument and the battle, a crowd of citizens had gathered. They were cheering.

Luther was sitting against a wall, moaning and rubbing his arm. Rayne rushed to him and did her best to heal him through magic and the few medical supplies they had.

When his arm was bandaged, the two got up and stood by the two others. A small group of citizens had gathered. One of them came forward. "Thank ya for beatin' those men. They been terrorizing us for weeks..." He paused. "We're not rich, but would you like to come to a feast?"

Sander looked delighted and was about to say something when Rayne cut in. "No. We're leaving. One hour to restock on supplies, then we meet back here. And then we leave."

Luther was the first to respond. "They're not going back."

The others didn't understand, but once again, Rayne did. She waited a second before explaining. "The soldiers won't make it back. They'll send more soldiers to find out what happened. And the ton will pay for it."

"Then let's stay!" replied Aslin. "They need our help."

"No." Rayne shook her head. "We're not going to risk our lives for them. We did it once, we're leaving now."

Sander showed his disapproval. "We can't just leave them to die."

Aslin nodded. "Exactly!"

Rayne was stubborn. "You're saying you'd rather die than stay out of the king's way?!"

"I would," Sander said. "If I died fighting evil."

Rayne sighed. "And you, Luther?"

"I'm indifferent."

"Come on, Rayne! We need to save these innocent people!"

"Fine. We'll stay. But if any one of us gets seriously hurt, WE'RE LEAVING."

The citizen who had addressed them was still there. "We appreciate it! We'll be fighting too!" He turned around. "Right?"

Several of his neighbors cheered and shouted their agreement.
"Those soldiers won't stand a chance!"
"I'll die before they win!"
"We'll show them!"
"We can do it!"
"For the ton!"
"Yeah! For the ton!"

Soon, they were all shouting the phrase. Sander smiled. Aslin did the same.

And for once...

Rayne and Luther did, too.
Hi. DrHydroFlame here. I've hidden a video game reference in here. I'll tell you it's a 3DS only game, but that's it. Good luck figuring it out. :P

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